TPE materials are used in the packaging of the lat

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TPE material is applied in the packaging of new cosmetics

tpe makes the new eye black container more elastic

thermoplastic K developed by Keppel Jiaobao not only has excellent adhesion to copolyester materials, but also makes the innovative packaging of Diorshow pump 'n' volume eye black more elastic, and makes the product surface more aesthetic and quality. (picture: Christian Dior 2018, all rights reserved)

Christian Dior, a well-known luxury brand (through the formulation of new instrument standards), adopted the thermoplastic elastomer material developed by Keppel Jiaobao in its newly launched Diorshow pump 'n' volume eye black products, and gave full play to the elastic properties of the material. The soft components contained in this eye black container enable the brush to dip in eye black lotion in the best way, so as to make your eyelashes thick and full

70 years ago, Parfums Christian Dior was recorded in history with "Miss Dior" female perfume; Today, 70 years later, this innovative eye black product is setting off a revolution in the cosmetics market

the product adopts thermoplastic K composite material developed by Keppel Jiaobao, which makes the quality of Diorshow pump 'n' volum particularly important e eye black container has the required elastic properties. Gently squeeze the container for two or three times to fully attach eye black to the brush, so that your eyelashes are instantly thick and plump. In addition, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) also has a soft touch

"the inspection of DIO blast furnace is gradually increasing. Rshow pump 'n' volume eye black adopts a new functional principle. You only need to gently squeeze the container to attach eye black to the brush, so as to make your eyelashes more attractive. In order to achieve this purpose, we have been looking for a material that is both elastic and aesthetic, and can be processed by multi-component injection molding." Marion

defour-cola, head of Christine Dior's cosmetics packaging research and development team, said. "By cooperating with our eye black and packaging experts mayet and Keppel, we have selected a TPE composite material whose properties fully meet the requirements of our application specifications."

the bottle body of the product is made by two-component injection molding process. Its internal structure is made of copolyester, and its external surface is made of Kemper Jiaobao composite material. "For us, the most important point is that TPE composites can achieve a perfect balance between the adhesion, softness and low hardness of copolyesters, and ensure that eye black containers can still have restorative elasticity after repeated extrusion in the whole life cycle of products," said Sylvain coutan, project manager of mayet SAS of texen group

"the modern packaging market puts forward high requirements for the function and aesthetic feeling of materials. Cosmetics packaging is even more so, because cosmetics packaging often brings consumers a lasting use experience through eye-catching design and wonderful texture", said Michael

Pollmann, marketing director of Kemper Jiaobao. "Whether it's cream, perfume or lotion, our TPE composites can provide a perfect solution as long as they need to combine attractiveness and practicality as well as hard and soft components."

keber Jiaobao can provide a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products, including special composite adhesives. These products have good direct adhesion to thermoplastic polymers (including ABS and polyamide), and can be widely used in automotive, industrial and consumer goods, and even in demanding medical applications

about Keppel

Keppel () is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers. As a subsidiary of the senior kraiburg group established in 1947, Keppel Jiaobao has been a market leader since its establishment in 2001. The company has production bases in Germany, the United States and Malaysia to provide various compounds for automotive, industrial, consumer and strictly regulated medical industry applications

the mature product lines of thermoplastic, keroubao, gaogaobao and nisubo adopt injection molding or extrusion processes, which brings many advantages to manufacturers in processing and product design. Keber Jiaobao has a strong driving force for innovation, has close customer relationships around the world, and can provide customized product solutions and reliable services

our headquarters in Germany and Malaysia have passed the ISO 50001 standard certification. In addition, all branches around the world have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. In 2017, Keppel Jiaobao had more than 620 employees worldwide, with a turnover of 178 million euros

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