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In recent years, with the gradual weakening of the demographic dividend and the continuous rise of labor costs, traditional labor-intensive processing and manufacturing industries (including food machinery and equipment manufacturing) are facing difficulties in employment and high labor costs, especially in the current special period when it is possible to start from a production line, It is more common for enterprises to resume work and production to encounter employment difficulties. With the accelerated pace of replacing people with machines, many enterprises have tasted the benefits of reducing costs, improving quality and increasing efficiency by solving the employment difficulties of enterprises to a certain extent

as the demographic dividend of China's manufacturing industry is disappearing, machine replacement has become an important measure to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of the traditional food machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. Machine replacement accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading by asking for people from machines and production capacity from technology. It also promotes traditional industries with modern and automated equipment, and promotes the replacement of technology dividends Airflow Hood: Φ 75mm × The 500mm generation demographic dividend has become the source of power for the optimization and upgrading of the new food machinery industry and sustained economic growth

generally speaking, the traditional food machinery and equipment manufacturing industry also mainly relies on manual operation. In the production process, there are single, trivial repetitive operations, high labor intensity and high labor cost, but the automatic production level and output efficiency are not high, and the product standards are not unified, and the quality is difficult to guarantee

however, the accelerated pace of machine replacement can not only reduce the labor intensity of employees and reduce labor costs, but also improve the level of automated production and output efficiency to ensure product quality

according to a relevant personnel in the tubing connection industry who first affected the afterburner and force measuring parts of the enterprise, thanks to the accelerated pace of machine replacement, the new equipment not only reduces the labor intensity of employees, reduces the number of production lines, and significantly improves the automatic production level and output efficiency, but also ensures the product quality, especially in special periods, when all employees fail to return to their posts and the labor gap is large, it is even more for the enterprise to resume work and production, And the rapid recovery of production capacity has provided strong support, realizing cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase

in addition, some food machinery and equipment manufacturers said that since the introduction of automatic sheet metal processing machinery, it has independently completed the automatic cutting, cutting, compounding, folding, riveting, splicing, forming and other processing of parts. The old-fashioned machine used to be operated by at least two people, and the accuracy of cutting, cutting, riveting and splicing was not high. Now, as long as one employee sets the program in front of the automatic sheet metal processing machine, 24-hour unmanned full-automatic production can be realized, which greatly improves the overall production efficiency

machine replacement can not only help enterprises achieve cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency, but also speed up enterprises' entry into the era of intelligent manufacturing. It is understood that many qualified food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises have accelerated the replacement of machines, promoted the replacement of intelligence for digital, adopted advanced technologies such as automatic detection, process control, analog manual judgment, and automatic troubleshooting, and upgraded and innovated in the fields of lean production management and human resource management, truly entering the era of intelligent manufacturing

the author learned that all kinds of new equipment and advanced technologies such as automatic detection and automatic troubleshooting have been intensively applied in the processing workshop of an enterprise. Digital intelligence and other data acquisition technologies can be seen everywhere. Each product has achieved full life cycle traceability. Product information such as production status can be found in big data. In order to avoid steel wire rope joints being found in the upper warehouse of pin joints, the company has realized the interconnection of everything, Further improve the efficiency of production line, production capacity and product quality

machine replacement can realize 24-hour unmanned full-automatic production, enable more food machinery manufacturing and other enterprises to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency, at the same time, it can also help enterprises accelerate into the era of intelligent manufacturing, promote applications such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection, change management and production methods, further improve production line efficiency, improve production capacity, improve product quality, etc., and become a new driving force to stimulate food machinery manufacturing and other industries

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