It is difficult to cancel the investigation of the

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According to the Ministry of Commerce, Chongquan, the deputy representative of the Ministry of Commerce for international trade negotiations, led a Chinese government delegation to Germany, the European Union and France yesterday to negotiate with the relevant departments of the German and French governments and the European Commission on the trade of photovoltaic products

it is reported that Chong Quan is the deputy representative of the Ministry of Commerce for international trade negotiations (at the vice ministerial level). This time, since the EU announced on September 6 that it had launched an anti-dumping investigation on China's photovoltaic cell products, the highest level of consultation between China and the EU has been held

The Ministry of Commerce said that the delegation would elaborate on China's position and do its best to safeguard the interests of Chinese enterprises. China's position that it hopes to resolve trade frictions through consultation and cooperation has not changed

data show that the EU accounts for more than 60% of China's photovoltaic product exports. This case is also the largest trade lawsuit launched by the EU to China so far

Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had previously opposed trade protectionism and hoped to resolve trade frictions, including photovoltaic industry, through dialogue and consultation; Minister of Commerce chendeming also expressed the hope that through consultation with the EU, 3. There is dirt in the buffer valve: clean the buffer valve and solve this problem in a win-win way

in addition to the European Union, in March and may this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce has announced the preliminary findings of countervailing and anti-dumping on China's photovoltaic products, of which the countervailing tax rate is 2.9%-4.73%, and the anti-dumping tax rate is 31.14%-249.96%. The final decision will be announced in early October

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it is difficult to withdraw the investigation

BASF also exhibited durable materials

Meng Xiangan, vice president of China Renewable Energy Society, said yesterday that according to the special design of Ouqi, the cylinder pulling phenomenon will occur after the service cycle arrives, which not only meets the functional requirements of components, but also meets the anti-dumping investigation procedures of the league, and the investigation can be withdrawn after the case is filed. But the conditions are harsh

it is reported that the cancellation of the investigation requires that the initiating enterprise must win the support of enterprises accounting for 25% of the output value of the whole industry before the European Commission can file a case, but to cancel, an application must be issued by enterprises accounting for 50% of the output value

Meng Xiangan believes that it is still very difficult to cancel the investigation on this trip, but after going to Europe to negotiate with countries and the European Commission, he can introduce the situation of domestic enterprises and industries more clearly, hoping to win some space for the anti-dumping duties decided in the future

Meng Xiangan said that the survey involves the development of China's overall strategic emerging industries in the future, and also urges the government to attach great importance to it

it is reported that the president of the society has gone to Europe to negotiate with the delegation of the Ministry of Commerce. Zhonghua glass () Department

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