It is difficult to enter Jinmen without milk bottl

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3. It is difficult to enter Jinmen without a milk bottle

600 tons of food or beverage were sold in that year; When SVW low-temperature water-soluble vinylon successfully replaces imported products from Kola, Japan, it is easy to separate from the bottle. When it is absorbed into the body to a certain concentration, it will damage liver and kidney cells and cause chronic poisoning

according to the survey, the phenol in poor quality milk bottles exceeded the standard mainly because some enterprises used waste optical discs for recycling. CCTV exposed five brands of baby bottles from Yiwu, Zhejiang, including "Aibao", "baby music", "xierkang", "aiqier" and "Qinxin"

recently, it was learned from the municipal quality supervision department that the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will carry out a major inspection on the quality and safety of plastic packaging for food in the city, conduct a comprehensive sampling inspection on food, food additives, plastic packaging for food and other related products, and order the enterprises that use recycled plastics and other prohibited raw materials in the law enforcement inspection to recall the products that have left the factory, supervise the whole processing process, and prevent the re processing of an inspection rod to the market, At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the product quality law, we will be severely punished, ordered to rectify and even stop business

the municipal quality supervision department found that there are 57 manufacturers of plastic packaging containers for food in the city. It is revealed that the "plastic packaging containers for food" referred to in this special rectification include: plastic milk bottles, beverage bottles, etc; Plastic products and plastic composite products used for packaging and containing food or food additives; Plastic containers, utensils, tableware, etc. that directly contact food or food additives in the production, circulation and use of food or food additives

it is reported that in this special rectification, six behaviors of food packaging enterprises will be strictly prohibited, that is, the use of recycled materials such as waste optical discs will be strictly prohibited; It is forbidden to use phenolic resin; It is strictly prohibited to use raw materials without factory name, address, product name and other unknown sources; It is strictly forbidden to use raw materials that have not been inspected or do not meet the national mandatory standards after inspection; It is strictly prohibited to use the equipment for the production of non "food" products such as garbage cans for the production of food packaging containers; Non standard production is strictly prohibited. It is reported that this inspection will continue until July 25

according to the relevant provisions on food packaging safety, Yunnan germanium industry, Ganfeng lithium industry, Dongfang zirconium industry, and Guiyan platinum industry are those that directly contact food, such as food packaging and containers; It is suggested that Jiaozuo Wanfang products, which pay attention to the improvement of cost structure, must be clearly marked with "for food" on their packaging or products. All products that are not correctly marked with relevant marks shall be sealed up, and the products that have left the factory shall be ordered to recall according to the relevant provisions of the food law, and shall be supervised and handled to prevent them from flowing to the market again

three tips to identify the quality of milk bottles

first, look. It depends on whether there is a mark on the bottle, including its scale and color. Good milk bottles are transparent and have obvious corporate logo on them. Unqualified milk bottles do not have the logo of the enterprise on them, there are many impurities in them, and the scale is not clear

second, smell. Unqualified milk bottles will smell a peculiar smell after opening. Because the milk bottles are produced from some waste materials, there are some impurities in them. The qualified bottle will not smell any peculiar smell after opening

third, pinch. Qualified milk bottles have good strength and are not easy to deform when pinched. Unqualified milk bottles are easy to deform with a gentle pinch, and are relatively easy to crack in the process of use

experts also suggest that it is best not to buy bottles with bright decorative patterns, especially those with bright patterns on the inner wall of the bottle, because the colorful patterns may release harmful heavy metals and affect the health of children

source of information: Ningbo, China

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