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It is an inevitable trend for upholstery enterprises to take the environmental protection route

green environmental protection is the development trend of upholstery industry, but enterprises must consider their own actual development. At present, the profit space of the upholstery industry has been reduced a lot. If the enterprise wants to carry out environmental protection production, it must invest a lot of production equipment, which will ensure the raw material supply and preparation cost of Thornton new energy cathode material business. In this way, the profit will become thinner. Therefore, whether the company wants to take the environmental protection route or not should also take into account its actual situation. In order to meet the needs of high-end customers and sell their products abroad, so as to obtain more orders, some manufacturers can consider taking the environmental protection route in advance. Soft packaging enterprises should pay attention to the following aspects in developing environmental protection production: first, enterprises should use environmental protection packaging materials. For example, corkgel is an innovative material of selle Royal, including degradable film, water-soluble film, edible film, etc; Second, avoid excessive packaging and produce products that are in line with the interests of consumers, so that consumers can get more benefits; Third, production must comply with relevant international standards and national laws and regulations, work safely and be responsible to consumers

source: Global flexible packaging industry

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