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CISA: steel prices are difficult to rise significantly

CISA station published a report on August 22, saying that in July, the macroeconomic operation was stable. Affected by policies such as capacity removal and environmental protection, the market expected price difference was smaller and smaller, continued to rise, steel prices showed a significant upward trend, and steel and iron production remained at a high level. The market demand is basically stable, and the steel price is difficult to rise sharply in the later stage, which will show a fluctuating trend

according to the report, at the end of July, the CSPI China steel price index of the iron and Steel Association was 106.49 points, up 5.46 points month on month, an increase of 5.40%, an increase of 3.63 percentage points over the previous month; Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 34.40 points, or 47.72%

in July, steel demand remained basically stable. Due to the expected impact of policies such as capacity reduction and environmental protection and production restriction, the steel price has increased significantly. The traditional foaming processing method is mostly molding (flat foaming). The main steel industry maintained growth, and the demand for steel was basically stable; The price rise of raw and combustible materials such as iron ore has a certain supporting effect on the steel price. Among them, the prices of long materials and plates have increased, and the increase of plates is higher than that of long materials. The prices of the eight steel varieties monitored by the iron and Steel Association have increased

according to the macroeconomic operation in the past seven months, the main steel industry maintained growth. In the later stage, the steel market demand is basically stable, the release of steel production capacity remains at a high level, and the steel price is difficult to rise sharply, which will show a fluctuating trend. In August, the social inventory of steel continued to decline and was lower than the level at the beginning of the year for the first time. From the perspective of enterprise inventory, the inventory fell to 12.3 million tons in late July, a slight increase of 1.82% over the end of June. Steel inventory remained at a low level, and the later market pressure was further reduced

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the report points out that the steel price rises rapidly, which is not conducive to the smooth operation of the steel industry. High fluctuations in iron ore prices are not conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for iron and steel enterprises. The monitoring showed that by August 18, the price of imported iron ore of ciopi rose to $74.98/ton, up 20.14% from the end of June, while the steel price in the same period only increased. 2. The experimental curve did not show information, up 12.70%. Steel exports fell sharply. As the domestic steel market is still better than the international market, the national steel export volume decreased by 19.26 million tons year-on-year, a sharp decrease of 28.7% year-on-year

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