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It is difficult to grasp the opportunity of lighting industry in the "post epidemic period"

the COVID-19 sweeping the country will undoubtedly cause certain difficulties to the development of the entire lighting industry in 2020, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have fallen into an unprecedented crisis because of the epidemic. But at the same time, we should also see dialectically that the crisis also contains new development opportunities and gives birth to new growth modes

the COVID-19 will eventually end. Only enterprises that see the long-term trend and make investment from the changes in the lighting market environment can achieve sustainable development in the post epidemic period. Then, in the post epidemic period, where are the development opportunities for the lighting industry

according to the questionnaire survey on new opportunities and countermeasures from the epidemic launched by Aladdin Center for the lighting industry recently, lighting enterprises are generally optimistic about the development of UV sterilization lamps, smart lighting, health lighting and other industries. Among them, 53.38% believed that UV sterilization lamp would usher in a wave of development peak; 51.35% said that healthy lighting will gradually penetrate the hearts of the people and the market demand will grow; 34.12% believed that smart lighting would become a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; However, 20.95% of people are optimistic about the development prospect of industrial lighting, except for the processing size of mold cavity and core of plant lighting and sports lighting, which is calculated by d=m (1+s) formula, and that it will gradually increase

research question: from this epidemic, what new opportunities can we see in the lighting industry

data source: Central questionnaire

1 epidemic catalyzing deep UV industry: UV sterilization lamp broke out against the trend

the outbreak of COVID-19 made UV sterilization lamp quickly enter the public eye, which was sought after by the market because of its direct sterilization ability, opening a new development situation

★ epidemic prevention and control, the demand for UV germicidal lamp doubled

this epidemic has a wide range and long duration, and the demand for UV germicidal lamp will continue for a long time with medical treatment and subsequent disinfection. Not only hospitals need it, but ordinary families also pay more and more attention to sterilization. Therefore, in the short term, people's demand for UV sterilization lamps continues to rise, which brings great benefits to the development of UV sterilization lamps

★ benefiting from the strengthening of public health and health management, UV sterilization lamps are more widely used

at present, UV sterilization lamps on the market are divided into UV mercury lamps and UVC led. Compared with UV mercury lamp, UVC LED has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption, small and portable, and no chemical residues. It is especially suitable for the disinfection of air, water and object surface. In recent years, the development prospect of UVC LED has been widely concerned by the industry

benefiting from the increased investment in public health and health management, UV sterilization lamps will be more widely used in the future. Combined with household products or daily cleaning products, UVC LED will also be gradually applied to portable disinfection electronic products. The role of UV sterilization products in the fight against novel coronavirus is obvious to all, and it is believed that countries with the epidemic will pay more attention to the development of deep UV industry

★ the epidemic situation awakens the public's awareness of disinfection and is conducive to long-term development

previously, the public's demand for disinfection and sterilization was not strong, resulting in a long-term lack of awareness of UV sterilization. Undoubtedly, the outbreak of this epidemic has deepened the public's understanding of the disinfection and sterilization principle of UV LED and UV products, and also aroused the public's awareness that the size of UV sterilization lamp consumption will still have slight changes. Therefore, in the long run, we are optimistic about the continuous demand growth of UV sterilization lamps

through the above analysis, we can know that in the post epidemic period, UV sterilization lamp will be a clear development direction of the lighting industry

2 the epidemic accelerates the wisdom of cities: or it will stimulate the application of smart light poles to accelerate the landing

it can be said that the ability to prevent and control the epidemic is an important symbol of the level of refined management of a city. At present, the new generation of information infrastructure represented by smart light poles and urban brains plays an important role in emergencies

★ assist in epidemic prevention and control, and the new generation of information infrastructure represented by smart light poles plays an obvious role.

during the epidemic, smart light poles in many provinces and cities cooperate with the government to carry out comprehensive epidemic prevention and control, and help local governments do a good job in epidemic prevention, policy publicity, etc. For example, using the information release system of the smart light pole, use the LED screen to scroll in real time to broadcast epidemic prevention information and prevention and control requirements, and broadcast epidemic prevention and control slogans in a round the clock manner through the remote broadcasting system; Through real-time video monitoring, it has a good publicity effect for people who do not wear masks and stroll in the upper reaches of the street to shout in time

obviously, as an important comprehensive technical means of emergency measures, smart light poles play a significant role in the scientific management of cities. Therefore, the epidemic may further stimulate the application of smart light poles

★ with the support of the policy, the construction of smart light poles will usher in a new dawn

at present, the construction of a smart city should process an inspection stick, and the strategic planning of 5g base stations has become an irreversible trend. As an important entrance to the smart city and an important carrier of 5g base station construction, smart light poles will also move forward as always

recently, many provincial and municipal governments have successively issued relevant policies for the development of smart cities/5g, which explicitly mention the construction of multi-function poles/smart light poles

the investment scope of relevant policies of smart cities/5g in some provinces and cities can be summarized.

smart light poles are still in the primary stage of development, and their market prospects are very considerable for the lighting industry. Lighting enterprises should seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation to become a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

2020 is a key year for China to overcome poverty and develop. It can be predicted that in order to achieve economic growth, the country will also increase investment in infrastructure. Therefore, smart light poles will be another hot topic for the development of lighting industry in the post epidemic period. Whoever opens the door of large-scale applications first under the trend of artificial intelligence and IOT will take the lead in the future smart lamp pole market

3 the epidemic strengthens health awareness, and the growth rate of health lighting market is expected.

the COVID-19 has greatly affected people's concept of life, greatly improved people's attention to their own health, and benefited the health lighting industry. Among them, health lighting products represented by ultraviolet germicidal lamps took the lead in breaking through the epidemic, making the whole society more aware of the value of lighting to health

however, health lighting covers an extremely wide range, not only the role of sterilization and disinfection, but also the role of light to prevent and treat diseases, so as to protect people's physical and mental health. In addition, the application of health lighting is also very wide, in addition to medical treatment, it also involves education, home and other fields

2019 can be said to be a year of explosion of educational lighting. In order to implement the general secretary's important instructions on students' myopia, eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the implementation plan for comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents. Driven by national policies, educational lighting has become one of the leading markets for health lighting. Provinces and cities across the country have entered the upsurge of classroom lighting transformation, which has brought broad development opportunities to lighting enterprises. It is believed that after the end of the epidemic, educational lighting will still be an industrial outlet

in general, people-oriented health lighting is undoubtedly an important future development direction of the lighting industry in the post epidemic period. Lighting enterprises should seize the opportunity and fly with the wind


we should see that the impact of the epidemic on the lighting industry is only temporary. Once the epidemic is controlled and eliminated, these impacts will disappear and may rebound. The lighting market demand generated by the epidemic is continuous. More importantly, 2020 is the key year for China's development, and the epidemic is unlikely to change this. When the crisis comes, it will also bring a turnaround. Therefore, grasping the development opportunities of the lighting industry in the extraordinary period is undoubtedly the due attitude of enterprises to cope with challenges and seek development

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