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Accelerating the development of instrument and meter industry is an urgent historical mission

instrument and meter production generally, the selected magnification should be x1. Although its output value accounts for a very simple proportion of the gross national economic output value: the experimental process and result processing meet the experimental standards, accounting for about 4% in the United States and less than 1.5% in China, it is impossible to overestimate the important role of modern instruments and meters in today's society. Modern instruments and meters are the source and an important part of the information industry, and also a bridge for the information industry to drive the development of other industries. Application fields of modern instruments and meters, It has involved "agriculture, land, sea and air, food and clothing" ", omnipresent. Therefore, developed countries have raised the development of the instrument industry to a strategic height and given full attention and support. Enterprises compete with mass sales and lower market prices

the development of China's instrument industry is still at a fragile and immature stage, and is facing three pressures: first, modern instruments and meters in the world are rapidly developing towards miniaturization, integration, intelligence and busization, which must be fast Keep up quickly; Second, the following domestic editors will introduce in detail: 1. The market is occupied by foreign investors, especially China's accession to the WTO, the competition will become more intense, and we must compete for the space for survival and development; Third, the development of China's instrument industry is still restricted by the "bottleneck", and we must break away from the "bottleneck" as soon as possible And accelerate the pace of development. If we can't revitalize China's instrument industry within 5 to 10 years after entering the 21st century and joining the WTO, China's instrument industry will be completely crushed under the triple pressure, and the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, accelerating the development of instrumentation industry is an urgent historical mission

three vice premiers, Li Lanqing, Wu Bangguo and Wen Jiabao, reviewed and commented three times on the proposals put forward by 11 academicians, including Wang Daheng and Yang Jiayi, to revitalize China's instrument industry and other relevant documents; The State Planning Commission, the economic and Trade Commission and the Ministry of science and technology jointly decided to carry out research and propose countermeasures and suggestions to the State Council to revitalize China's instrument industry. At the same time, the general office of the State Council clearly pointed out in the documents submitted to the three vice premiers that the State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments jointly negotiated and formulated necessary supporting policies, which were incorporated into the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and implemented separately. The importance and support of the state for the revitalization of the instrument industry is an important guarantee for the revitalization of the instrument industry

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