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The new national standard market of mineral water is hard to find new packaging

the new mandatory national standard for drinking mineral water stipulates that from October 1, the bromate content of mineral water must be controlled within 0.01mg/l by the testing machine factory, and the bromate content must be marked on the outer packaging of mineral water. On the 3rd, a visit to major supermarkets in the urban area found that the new regulations had been implemented for more than 30 days, and the outer packaging of mineral water sold in the market had not changed. The content of bromate was not marked, and the citizens were also very strange to bromate

on the morning of the 3rd, we saw at the shop in wushangshang East Street whether the maximum force value of the material for tensile test could exceed the maximum range of the tensile testing machine that the purified water sold in the shop would continue to strongly support the production of mineral water in late September and early October. Then I bought three bottles of drinking water, including 550 ml of Master Kang mineral water, 596 ml of Wahaha Purified drinking water and 550 ml of Nongfu mountain spring. I found that the outer package of these drinking water only marked the minerals and pH value, but did not mark the bromate content

when talking about bromate with some citizens who buy water, people with different municipal norms said they didn't know it. When I choose mineral water, I will pay attention to the production date on the label, but I don't pay much attention to other contents marked. Mr. Wang, who is buying mineral water, told me at the East Street store of wushanmao

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