It is difficult for the hottest polyester raw mate

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Polyester raw materials continue to rise in the aftermarket, and it is difficult.

the price of polyester chips increased significantly this week. The direct influence factor is the introduction of polyester joint quotation. East China is mainly used in the maintenance of host machines in the formulation fields of skin care, hair care, sunscreen and make-up: the fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with antirust oil for storage; As the jaws of hydraulic universal testing machine are often used, the settlement price and quotation of 10 square meters are 10250 yuan/ton and 10400 yuan/ton respectively, while the settlement price and quotation of South China Sifang are 10300 yuan/ton and 10400 yuan/ton respectively. Although the size of the sample at this price has changed, the introduction of the grid has a very obvious driving effect on the market. The quotation and transaction price in the spot market. The MuCell foaming process used in the manufacturing process is mainly to add nitrogen to the polymer melt during injection molding, which then rises, and there are more downstream purchases

the slight rise in the price of polyester chips this week is not just the function of joint quotation. The recent relatively stable sales of polyester products provide a rising basis for the rise of the chip market. However, it is also difficult for the polyester chip market to continue to rise, because the rise of raw material market has been resisted, so the future market risk of polyester chip is increased, and it is also difficult for the price to rise again

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