It is difficult to be optimistic after the most po

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After the glass position reduction and rebound, the material can also maintain its original attribute. It is difficult to be optimistic about the market.

disk review: the main contract fg405 of glass (1243, 1.00, 0.08%) opened at 1230 yuan/ton, with a minimum of 1226 yuan/ton and a maximum of 1265 yuan/ton. It closed at 1247 yuan/ton, up 14 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous trading day. Transaction 3 shares with you some strange illusions in your heart, 91000 hands and 248800 positions; Fg409 rose 4 yuan/ton to close at 1324 yuan/ton. The ability of material change came from the special structural tons designed by researchers, with 39300 transactions and 50800 positions

raw material Market: the price was temporarily stable on January 9, with the reference price of heavy soda ash of 1624.29 yuan/ton, the reference price of petroleum coke of 1182 yuan/ton, and the reference price of fuel oil (4463, 0.00, 0.00%) of 4602.5 yuan/ton. The reference cost of float glass fueled by petroleum coke is 1154.56 yuan/ton

spot: the price of delivery factory and warehouse continued to decline on January 9, with Shahe safety reference price of 1256 yuan/ton and Jiangsu China Resources reference price of 1504 yuan/ton. The average reference price of 5mm float glass in the main production area is 1244.8 yuan/ton

relevant information: the Ministry of industry and information technology recently publicized the list of the Sixth Batch of production lines that meet the entry conditions of the flat glass industry and the Interim Measures for the administration of the entry announcement of the flat glass industry, verified and recommended by the provincial competent department of industry and information technology and reviewed by experts, including 14 flat glass production lines such as Shenyang Yaohua Glass, with a production capacity of 8650 tons/day

operation analysis: glass fg405 rebounded rapidly in the morning, and then fluctuated in a narrow range. The main positions decreased significantly, and the long main positions decreased relatively more, indicating that some bottom hunting funds have chosen to leave. Spot prices continue to decline, factory and warehouse prices have been reduced for several consecutive days, and the overall fundamentals have not been boosted. From the perspective of funds, the futures price has temporarily stopped falling, but the rebound height is limited. Those who are stable can wait and see temporarily, or participate in light positions within the day

operation suggestions: fg405 intra day trading, reference interval

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