It is an inevitable trend for insulating glass to

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It is an inevitable trend for hollow glass to replace ordinary double glass windows

buildings lose a lot of heat from windows in winter. According to American statistics, the energy lost by buildings through windows accounts for about 30% of the energy consumed by buildings. It accounts for a larger proportion in Sweden, about 70%. China's statistics show that it accounts for about 50%. Practice at home and abroad has proved that improving the security of building envelope 4 Building a service-oriented enterprise, especially improving the thermal insulation performance of windows, is the most economical and effective way to prevent the heat loss of buildings. The application of insulating glass in architecture plays a key role. According to U.S. data, the annual heating energy consumption of silver gray hollow glass windows in high-rise office buildings is 5494kj per square foot, which is about 2/3 less than that of single-layer glass windows (the annual heating energy consumption of single-layer glass windows per square foot is 17775kj)

with the development of China's national economy, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, energy conservation, improving living conditions and other issues, and accordingly formulated a number of technical regulations. The adhesive used in the production process is a new type of bio based adhesive. The energy saving design standard for civil buildings (jgj26095) revised in 1995 (hereinafter referred to as the reason for the obvious relaxation of the new standard element movement) requires that the heating energy consumption of buildings be reduced by 50% compared with the standard in the 1980s (including 30% for buildings and 20% for heating systems), which puts forward new requirements for the heat transfer coefficient of building enclosure structural materials and doors and windows

the heat transfer coefficient of single-layer glass window is 6w/m2 K the heat transfer coefficient of single frame double glass steel plastic composite window is 3.5w/m2 K. The heat transfer coefficient of single frame double glass plastic window is 2.6 w/m2 K。 The heat transfer coefficient of windows should reach 2.5 w/m2 Insulating glass must be used below K

according to the new standard, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian and other places can meet the requirements by using double glass. However, the double glass is prone to condensation, especially when the double glass is not tightly sealed, the inner surface of the hollow glass is prone to fog and affect the service performance. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to replace double glass windows with insulating glass

although the requirements of the new standard for the heat transfer coefficient of windows in China have been greatly improved compared with the original standard, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign countries

at present, the main problem of using insulating glass in China's construction industry is the increase of construction cost. The increase in construction cost can be quickly recovered from energy conservation. The technical and economic calculation results of using insulating glass in buildings made by the planning department show that the energy-saving effect achieved by using insulating glass in cold areas of China (northeast and Inner Mongolia) can compensate for the increased construction cost within this year

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