It is difficult to find bar code dishes in Beijing

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It is difficult to find bar code dishes in Beijing. The safety of vegetables in Beijing still depends on visual inspection

"bar code dishes are sold from Hebei. 3. They are used to make various electrical insulation materials in Beijing!" This news makes Beijingers who pay more and more attention to food safety look forward to bar code dishes happily. Up to now, it has been nearly a week since the news came, but it is still hard to find its trace in the capital

the new bar code can check vegetable growers

bar code dishes are a pilot project jointly carried out by Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture and Hebei Provincial Department of agriculture, which uses bar codes to regulate vegetable safety. According to the barcode on the package, consumers can find the pesticide residues, production base and even the name of the producer of the vegetable

no bar code dishes were found in Xinfadi

no bar code dishes were found in "Xinfadi" today. Director Jia of the marketing office said that they also learned from the newspaper that this kind of vegetable came to Beijing, but they have not really seen it so far

According to the vegetable Department of the Municipal Bureau of agriculture, only six bases were selected in Hebei to try bar code vegetables, with limited production and varieties limited to cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, etc. The point is to try whether this certification mechanism is applicable to vegetables. The price at the trial stage is about the same as that of ordinary dishes. But if promoted, the price may be more expensive than ordinary dishes

inspection method visual inspection and spot check

"Xinfadi" is the largest wholesale market of agricultural and sideline products in Beijing. So far, no bar code inspection method that will obtain significant social benefits has been found. At present, the safety of vegetables here is still handled by visual inspection twice a day by price collectors. In addition, the Municipal Physical and chemical testing station has also built a testing station here to spot check pesticide residues every day

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