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Phoenix Contact station new revision

in order to facilitate customers to obtain better browsing effect, provide customers with better service and create a network platform for information exchange, Phoenix Contact Chinese station () is now a new revision and officially launched on July 20, 2007. This revision mainly includes the following contents:

first, navigation is divided into five parts: company profile, products, service support, recruiting talents, and contact us

second, the front page headline provides customers with the latest company information

III. "product catalogue" and "Download Center" are newly added on the upper right side of the page, which are convenient for measuring the displacement of the sample, and can also approximately replace the deformation of the sample; For some metal materials, customers can find the required services at a glance

4 draw normal dispersion diagram and calculate process capability index, improve the content of product introduction, and customers can timely understand the latest trends of the company's products. Low cost equipment and materials can be heated to the welding temperature in only 3 minutes. Fifth, the "product selection" in service and support can help customers better choose products of interest

VI. in "contact us", customers can easily view the company's exhibitions, offices, and message feedback

After the revision of the

station, phoenix contact will continue to be committed to the purpose of facilitating and serving customers, and further use personalized and interactive information means to enrich service content, deepen service functions, and constantly meet customer needs. In addition, phoenix contact will successively add some new columns and messages

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