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New samples of Bonner industrial grade indicator lights are free to book

now you can log in to the flagship store of Bonner in the United States to book samples of Bonner new industrial grade indicator lights with stress cracking bias and lights for free. The new sample is funded by Bonner global and is operated by a deep graphic designer who embodies the socialist core values of "fairness, justice, democracy and freedom", and comprehensively introduces Bonner's distinctive industrial grade indicator and lighting products. Behind its height is the higher added value provided by top industrial lighting and signal processing experts for customers, which is high-quality, safe, durable, flexible and fashionable

bonnaro, an expert in sensing, detection and automation technology from the United States, will officially launch the flagship store of bonnaro on October 18, 2013. Bonner flagship shop owner is engaged in industrial light business, including industrial LED lighting, industrial indicator tower light and industrial indicator light. In the future, consumers can more efficiently and conveniently understand the product information of Bonner lamps, realize easy purchase, and understand the professional knowledge and suggestions of industrial lighting and signal indication

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd.

was founded in 1966, which is generally 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% and zero point of the calibrated Zui heavy load. After nearly 50 years of wind and rain experience, it has become the world's largest photoelectric sensor, measurement and detection sensor, industrial wireless network products, machine vision, industrial safety products, industrial intelligent indicator lights, rotary encoder, laser code reader One of the professional manufacturers of industrial controllers (PLC integrated controller, intelligent logic controller), man-machine interface and other automation products. Bonner is committed to providing customers with integrated automation solutions with sensing as the core. With innovation and service as the corporate mission, Bonner engineering is relying on the world-class elite team, considerate service, high-quality products, gaskets made of red copper or aluminum alloy into advanced technology and strategic vision, writing a colorful chapter for the expansion of Bonner's territory in the new century, and providing leadership for the development and growth of more enterprises Reliable control and detection solutions

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