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Yutong heavy industry yt3621 mining dump truck top ten highlights

Yutong heavy industry yt3621 mining dump truck top ten highlights

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Guide: after Yutong heavy industry yt3621 mining dump truck was introduced to the market, users received high praise, product sales continued to rise to a new level, and it was deeply welcomed by the market. 1. The design concept is advanced. The mining car developed by using the product design concept of construction machinery adopts finite element analysis software, combined with the strong majors in Colleges and Universities

after the yt3621 mining dump truck of Yutong heavy industry was introduced to the market, the user's praise was like a tide, and the product sales continued to rise to a new level, which was deeply welcomed by the market

1. Advanced design concept

the mining car developed by using the product design concept of engineering machinery adopts the finite element analysis software of the utilization status analysis of global carbon fiber and its composites, combined with the strong scientific research strength of colleges and universities, and the newly designed large-section, high-strength, wide body welded frame structure; The wide body bridge and the suspension system with widened span designed for heavy load conditions improve the stability of the whole vehicle in running, turning, driving on ramps and unloading

2. Novel shape and luxurious interior

the appearance of the whole vehicle is tough and powerful, achieving the harmonious unity of strength and beauty; The advanced design concept of Yutong Bus cab can overturn, prevent overturning and prevent falling objects. The interior is spacious and has a wide field of vision. The equipped shock absorption mechanism provides a very comfortable driving environment for the driver; The domestic first-class streamlined instrument panel, combined instrument and integrated cooling and heating air conditioning system highlight the people-oriented design concept

3. Powerful

it is mainly equipped with Weichai 12L high-power engine, fast transmission and two-stage reduction axle, which makes the vehicle easier to start, stronger gradeability up to more than 30%, and more suitable for mine road conditions

4. Through high performance

products developed according to the design standards of off highway machinery, the guarantee machine operates safely in a long period of time, so that the ground clearance, longitudinal passing radius, approach angle and departure angle of the whole machine are completely suitable for the construction environment of the mining area

5. Reliable quality

the strict national military standard quality assurance system, mass production and assembly line ensure the consistency and reliability of each product

6. Long service life

the frame of main structural parts adopts welded box girder structure; The carriage adopts the square tube as the reinforcing beam of the bottom compartment, the carriage with the vertical beam added to the side compartment, and the skeleton structure of the cab. This improves the structural strength and impact resistance of the frame, carriage and cab, which is more than twice the service life of the three axle heavy truck under the same working conditions

7. High safety

the wheel base of the whole vehicle is more than 30% wider than the three-axle weight truck, which improves the stability of the whole vehicle. The middle and rear axle braking adopts the form of double wedge braking, and the braking force is increased by 1.6 times to ensure driving safety. Make it more suitable for use in mines with large slopes and off highway conditions; The large bearing capacity reduces the density of vehicles in the pit and improves the driving safety at the same time

8. Convenient maintenance

the supporting system of heavy truck is adopted for main parts, which makes it convenient to purchase and maintain vulnerable parts

9. Fast service

manufacturer's one-stop tracking service, where there are our products, there are our services

10. Over value return

compared with the traditional mining car of the same tonnage, its purchase price is only 1/3; Compared with the currently commonly used three-axis heavy truck, the rated load capacity is more than 2.5 times that of the three-axis heavy truck; When the rated load is 150% higher than that of the heavy truck, the fuel consumption is only increased by about 50%. Compared with highway dump trucks, the return on investment has increased by more than 30%

the following is the standard configuration of yt3621 mining dump truck:

■ the engine

adopts the 12L engine of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., which not only has strong power, but also has low fuel consumption, meeting the national secondary emission standard

standard configuration: wevb exhaust brake; The safety of the whole machine operation is greatly improved; At the same time, it also reduces the working intensity during braking

■ clutch

heavy duty clutch adopts the form of hydraulic control and pneumatic power assistance, which is light and flexible, with large transmission torque, high backup coefficient and long service life

■ transmission

the transmission produced by Shaanxi fast automobile transmission group company with the introduction of American technology has large transmission torque, wide speed ratio range, large torque reserve coefficient and strong bearing capacity. The steel wire flexible shaft operates the gear shift, which is convenient, flexible, safe and reliable

■ drive axle

large wheel side reinforced axle produced by Yutong heavy industry, integral cast steel axle housing, double rear drive axle form, full floating half axle, main reduction and wheel side planetary reduction, strong bearing capacity and large transmission torque; The pneumatically controlled inter axle differential lock can meet the requirements of different working conditions and different roads, and improve the trafficability of the vehicle

■ suspension

the front suspension adopts two-way barrel hydraulic shock absorber, longitudinal leaf spring and two-point symmetrical rubber buffer block; The rear suspension adopts reinforced integral leaf spring balance suspension and four point symmetrical rubber buffer block

■ frame

reinforced wide body box welded structure. Through finite element stress analysis and fatigue strength calculation, the structure of the frame is optimized, and the comprehensive ability of bending and torsion resistance is improved. High strength steel plate welding and vibration aging treatment are adopted to make the frame firm and durable

■ balance shaft

the balance shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel. After finite element stress analysis and fatigue strength calculation, the structure is more reasonable. The leaf spring seat adopts double card structure, which is convenient for maintenance and lubrication, solid and durable. When the support is added at the balance shaft end, the dynamic friction coefficient between rubber and metal, for example, is between 1 and 4, and the load is greater

■ cab

the cab is an integral skeleton skin structure, with spacious interior and good vision, luxurious interior, streamlined instrument panel, combined instruments, and cold and warm air conditioning. The cab is equipped with a hydraulic overturning mechanism, which is convenient for maintenance and has an anti overturning function. The shock absorption mechanism is adopted to improve the driver's comfort

■ the steering system

adopts an independent hydraulic steering system with optimized design, which is equipped with a power steering gear, with a right steering power cylinder, and the steering oil pump is driven by the engine. The steering control is flexible and light, and the turning radius is small, which improves the driver's handling comfort

■ carriage

finite element optimization design, layered strength distribution, high-strength steel plate welding, so that the carriage has high strength, small self weight and more fuel saving! At the same time, the rear baffle with exhaust gas heating device and carriage is equipped with a mechanical automatic locking mechanism. It is especially suitable for loading various materials in mines

■ lifting system

the hydraulic system of Haiwo machinery (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. the gear oil pump is driven by the rear power take-off through the transmission, and the lifting cylinder is a front one-way four section telescopic type. Compact structure and convenient operation

■ braking system

dual pipe braking system, which acts independently on the front wheel, middle and rear wheels, has three functions of service braking, parking braking and emergency braking, and a composite brake chamber with service braking and parking braking integrated. It also has the engine exhaust braking function, which plays the role of gentle downhill travel and power deceleration

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