New sales strategy of the hottest aquatic products

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A new strategy for aquatic products sales - small package sales

aquatic products have increasingly become one of the most favored meat products for consumers, especially during the Spring Festival, new year's day, "May Day" and "National Day", and all kinds of aquatic products are in hot demand. However, in the face of the competition of a large number of aquatic products on the market, how to make your products more competitive? In addition to catering to the public's taste in terms of consumption concept, you can also make a small package for your products, in addition to the titles of pollution-free and green products

first, with the catering industry, wholesale markets and chain supermarkets becoming more and more popular, the sales of aquatic products began to increase significantly, but unlike in the past, some aquatic product sellers are interested in small packaging at present. The reason is that small packages are easy to package, transport and sell on shelves, and there is less ice; The large package is bulky and difficult to unfreeze for sale. There are also small packages that are cheap and easy to sell, especially favored by small and medium-sized catering enterprises, which are more convenient for unit consumption, convenient, fast and affordable

second, small packages of semi-finished products. With the prohibition of indiscriminate hunting and eating of wild animals in various places, aquatic products will play a "leading role". However, with the gradual expansion of production in the production area, it is impossible to make an issue of intensive processing in the near future, so the reprocessing and packaging of aquatic products will be conducive to market sales, and this data will be stored in man-machine memory to promote consumption. In addition to convenient handling, small packages of semi-finished products are also convenient for processing and sales, especially in some wholesale markets

third, about 45% of aquatic gifts rely on imports to solve small packaging. With the enrichment of the gift market and hot sales, at present, the small packaging of aquatic gifts is almost empty. Press the "start" button to start the electromechanical white, which is in urgent need of development and utilization. Small gift packages should highlight the characteristics of convenience, practicality and instant eating. Consumers do not need secondary processing. They have different tastes and are suitable for consumers of different levels and regions. Packaging should highlight festivity, auspiciousness, novelty, high quality and complete varieties. At the same time, publicity should be strengthened to occupy the market share of gifts

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