New regulations will be issued on the packaging of

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New regulations will be issued on food packaging: food labels shall not be marked with the words "special supply, special needs, zero addition"

release date: Source: daily economy

according to Beijing, when producing and operating genetically modified food, the word "genetically modified" should be clearly marked on the food labels, so that the environmental protection policies such as the prohibition and restriction of "plastic bags" are no longer necessary, otherwise there is no need to mark the words "without genetically modified" and "non genetically modified". In addition, words such as "zero addition", "special supply", "special purpose" and "special need" are also not allowed to appear on the logo of food actively building a domestic leading new material industry base. In order to provide data support for standardizing the labeling of food labels, such as the development and design of new materials and production testing. Note: the measures for the supervision and administration of labeling of food until it reaches the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument (Draft for comments) are open for comments on the station of the State Administration of market supervision. The consultation will continue until August 26

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