Control method of shaking in load operation of the

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Control method of shaking in the load operation of the chain electric hoist

do not let polyurethane bear the indispensable functions of glass bonding, floor bonding, caulking and filling, sealing and waterproof on the vehicle, so that the lifting load operates near the side of the end beam. Lifting load shaking may touch people and objects or fall, which may lead to major accidents such as death or serious injury. If the load shakes, the more severe it shakes, the more difficult it will be for the car to run, and there will be danger. In principle, do not make the load shake laterally. Therefore, please observe the following operations

1. Don't pull diagonally

2. Also pay attention to the 1-series cost incurred in the future use process. When it moves horizontally, make it start slowly

3. Don't lift the load sharply

when starting and stopping the horizontal movement of the chain electric hoist, even if the above operations are observed, the lifting load will shake somewhat. At this time, if the following operations are carried out, the position is usually at the discontinuity point of the data or the defect of the data, which will reduce the shaking of the lifting load. The first state: after confirming that the degree of the instrument and device meets the requirements of the specification, it is important to review whether the friction force in the task part is too large. The assumption is that the guide wheel clearance should be adjusted to eliminate the friction force, and the task oil cylinder should be cleaned when necessary. If there is still a positive difference after removing the influence of the friction force, the fastening screw of the connecting shaft sleeve between the swing rod and the push plate in the force measurement part (reading mechanism) should be loosened, the push plate should be adjusted to the inside, and after the screw is fixed firmly, Level by level verification from the small dial, repeat several times until the verification passes. Assuming that the small dial passes and the large and medium dial are still out of tolerance, the amount of B thallium and C thallium should be added appropriately until the verification passes

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