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The kitchen and bathroom industry is facing "challenges" due to the rise of raw material prices.

since the beginning of the year, the price of raw materials has only increased, the supply price of upstream accessories of kitchen power enterprises has increased, and various pressures have led to a substantial increase in costs. Hundreds of kitchen power related brands have sent letters to the channel for price increases for many times, but behind it is the resistance of the channel. In the case of the depression of retail sales in the terminal market, on the other hand, the brand concentration is getting stronger and stronger, Many dealers choose light inventory, especially for durable consumer goods such as kitchen appliances

due to the rising price of raw materials, many OEM factories received channel orders in advance and signed OEM agreements at the other end, which brought a huge crisis to the processing plants that originally made low profits. Many factories closed down under pressure, and various phenomena forced the industry to reshuffle

more than 50% of kitchen and bathroom appliance brands have been eliminated

the kitchen and bathroom appliance industry is facing increasing business pressure. On the one hand, e-commerce is rushing to eat, on the other hand, industry and commerce are cracking down hard, on the other hand, the industry access threshold is becoming more and more stringent, and more importantly, under the national elimination of backward production capacity and the upgrading of consumer goods, low-quality and low-end products without core technology will be eliminated

in terms of e-commerce, the sales scale of home appliance products has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% every year, especially the first-line professional brands and diversified home appliance brands, kitchen appliances. The overall online price has been reduced. In the face of the transparency of online channel retail prices, the industry as a whole has fallen into a business crisis

even diversified household appliance brands frequently show great moves. 900 wide side smoking machine + embedded steel structure is a structured glass stove mainly composed of steel materials. The whole set of official can close the buzzer. The retail price of the flagship store is 899 yuan. This price system, not to mention for dealers, is also a provocation for manufacturers. The price war caused by e-commerce for kitchen, bathroom and household appliances has been repeated and intensified

the severe crackdown on industry and Commerce has impacted not only the fake and shoddy goods, but also the strict constraints on the industry as a whole. Previously, there have been frequent reports of unqualified first-line well-known brands. Under this trend, the independent strength of small and medium-sized brands is not strong, or a large number of current brands are out of the market, especially in the context of severe punishment for illegal or unqualified brands

next, Jinan Shijin, the manufacturer of Jinan experimental machine, will introduce to you what eight types of

the gradual increase of the entry threshold of the industry will first bring the pressure of cost commission to the brand, and more importantly, the transparency of product data functions. Only when the five-level energy efficiency of range hood reaches level 2 or above, can it be regarded as energy-saving products, and when the three-level energy efficiency of gas stove reaches level 2 or above, can it be regarded as energy-saving products. The increase of the entry threshold will enhance the overall configuration of the industry, The overall rise in prices has brought great pressure on small and medium-sized brands

in the context of national elimination of backward production capacity and upgrading of consumer goods, the upgrading and transformation of professional high-quality brands in the front line and industry is not only the further upgrading and research and development of products, but also the upgrading to advanced marketing. Huge marketing expenses and talent team construction are the biggest injury of the whole industry, and there is an extreme shortage of professionals

60% of the Sanitary Ware brands were out of the market and could not recover.

previously, eight sanitary ware enterprises in Henan were severely hit by environmental protection, with an annual output of about 4million pieces of sanitary ceramics. As of July 21, more than half of the sanitary ware enterprises in Yuzhou had entered the state of shutdown and rectification because of environmental protection standards

a large number of Sanitary Ware brands have been eliminated, and the above is only part of it. For most sanitary ware enterprises, they are now facing the same environmental crisis. News came from areas where sanitary ware products are abundant that at present, a large number of sanitary ware enterprises have announced their closure

in all walks of life, there are thousands of kitchen and bathroom appliance brands and thousands of bathroom brands, but there are only dozens of brands that can really be named. This is also for professionals and consumers, the familiar brands may only have single digits

on the one hand, there is insufficient demand in the industry. With the popularity of hardbound real estate, e-commerce sales have soared. Small and medium-sized enterprises are seriously facing the crisis, and backward production capacity has been hit. This year, 50% of kitchen and bathroom appliance brands have been eliminated, and 60% of bathroom brands have been out of the market. We hope that more kitchen and bathroom dealers will survive in the future

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