The hottest raw materials continued to fall, and t

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Raw materials continued to fall, and the decline of ethylene accelerated.

overnight, the price of crude oil futures in New York closed up in shock, boosted by the strong news of U.S. economic data. Then, as the situation in the eurozone still worries investors, the intraday rebound in oil prices was weak

the decline in the Asian ethylene market accelerated due to the increase in the spot supply of children's shoes marked with 12 points (which can also be increased or decreased according to customer requirements) and the sharp decline in naphtha prices on Thursday. Ethylene CFR Northeast Asia closed at USD/ton, down 40 USD/ton from the previous trading day; CFR Southeast Asia finally closed at USD/ton, down 40 USD/ton from the previous trading day

in addition, the terminal demand for ethylene is not awesome, and the social supply pressure is slowly increasing, so it is not easy for ethylene plants to make profits. In terms of spot goods, as the decline is difficult to stop, the panic mentality of operators has intensified, and most on-demand purchases are cautious and wait-and-see. However, in the actual working environment, composite components are often in a very complex load state

the Asian styrene market closed down. FOB Korea closed at USD/ton, down 16 USD/ton from the previous trading day; CFR China closed at $per ton, down $15 per ton from the previous trading day

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