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The rise in the price of raw materials tortures the marketing ability of flexible packaging enterprises

the internationalization of the market environment has brought serious challenges and new opportunities to enterprises, and the storm of the rise in the price of raw materials has taught flexible packaging enterprises a lesson. Only by continuously integrating the market chain and improving the marketing ability can we cope with the changing market environment

I. The technological innovation ability of enterprises and the strategic cooperation ability with customers

in recent years, the number of domestic flexible packaging enterprises has increased rapidly, but the scale gap is large, the quality is uneven, the market positioning is vague, and the core technology is not prominent, resulting in most enterprises rushing into mass action. Engage in vicious low price competition in the limited market. The price collapse has brought the enterprise itself close to the embarrassing situation of "losing money and shouting". The fragility of the industry value chain shows that the economic model of extensive management has come to an end, and enterprises should take the road of high technology content and high added value

in order to take the road of high technology content and high added value, soft packaging enterprises should not only work hard in cultivating core technologies and discovering the "new continent" of the market, but also re-examine the strategic partnership with upstream and downstream customers. The direct customers of flexible packaging enterprises are many food, medicine, washing cosmetics, electronics and other production enterprises, while the upstream customers are Petrochemical subsidiary products production enterprises such as plastic films, plastic particles, solvents, adhesives and so on, forming a "one to many" situation in the market chain. The perception and demand of market terminals for packaging cannot be effectively adjusted and delivered in time, resulting in the limited technological innovation ability of flexible packaging enterprises

taking the example of the company in which the author believes that such high modulus counterpoint can only produce yellow products in the past, the company has jointly developed a variety of multifunctional antistatic polyolefin particles with a functional plastic particle manufacturer to meet the needs of the electronic industry for antistatic packaging. Through dictionary files, the particles can identify the words in the page. The melting temperature and melt flow rate (MFR) are wide, plasticized well, heat sealed and have good mechanical properties. They can be used in extrusion compounding, film blowing and other processes. The anti-static soft wing packaging material made by it provides protection for expensive microelectronic products, is favored by the electronic industry, improves the added value of products, and increases the profit space

the strategic cooperation with downstream customers should focus on the investment in packaging anti-counterfeiting, packaging design and patent protection, packaging brand and brand identification. Packaging design, packaging brand and anti-counterfeiting logo have a direct impact on consumers' perception of high-quality products and famous brands. There are also many successful cases in this regard. For example, a flexible packaging enterprise has designed brand logos, anti-counterfeiting logos, etc. for the product packaging of the internationally renowned brand "P & G", and applied for patent protection, which is not only easy to target consumer groups, but also easy to identify consumers, making it difficult for peers to imitate. In particular, the timely and effective communication on price has achieved a win-win situation with P & G

second, the distribution ability of the enterprise's product line and customer line

the four basic strategic elements of marketing are product, price, place and promotion

product strategy is listed as the first of the four elements. Today's market opening shows the importance of product line and customer line distribution to enterprise marketing

as we all know, flexible packaging enterprises have a market off-season, and the formation of the market off-season is nothing more than the over centralized distribution of enterprise product lines and customer lines. Customers are only limited to a few industries, such as food, washing products, etc. The narrow distribution of product lines and customer lines of enterprises is conducive to quality control and marketing services, but it will lead to uneven production, that is, there are weak markets and peak seasons. The market overlap and product homogeneity of enterprises have led to intensified competition, and the formed market chain is relatively fragile. The fragility of the market chain easily leads to the embarrassing situation that it is difficult for upstream and downstream customers to communicate. For example, the food industry as a whole has entered the off-season, and its flexible packaging supply enterprises have also had to enter the off-season. And the customer line is concentrated in food, washing products and other industries with low profits, so the baton of upstream price rise is naturally difficult to pass on

the key to the company's stable navigation in the storm of raw material price rise is that the enterprise is positioned as a research and development enterprise of anti-static, high barrier, high-strength and multi-functional flexible packaging materials. The market image is clear, and the targeted customers involve machinery, electronics, construction, chemical industry, military industry and other industries, and the customer line distribution is relatively broad. Most customers also feel strongly about the oil price rise storm, and the price is easy to communicate

III. The sustainable development ability of enterprises used to test the mechanical properties of technical materials

the sustainable development ability of enterprises is in the final analysis the marketing ability and technological innovation ability. Price strategy is an important part of the four elements (4P) of marketing strategy. Price is usually the key factor affecting the success or failure of commodity trading, so it has become a sharp weapon for market competition. However, the flexible packaging industry has no scientific and rational marketing strategy. Instead, it blindly relies on the "double-edged sword" of price competition, which has promoted the passive situation of low profits and missed the development opportunity. Successful cases include a plastic factory in Hebei, whose main business is film blowing. Although the product structure is relatively simple, it pays attention to improving the core deep processing technology. In the fierce market competition, it does not fight a price war, but cooperates closely with a local flexible packaging factory. Through processing experiments on polyethylene particles with different formulas, functional products such as antistatic polyethylene film, boiled film, high-strength film, fresh-keeping film and winding film have been developed, which have been highly praised by end users, thus establishing a long-term cooperative relationship

soft packaging enterprises only pay attention to development strategies, improve competitive tactics, and constantly integrate the market chain from upstream enterprises to downstream enterprises, Only by strengthening the communication and cooperation between enterprises and safeguarding the overall interests of the industry can we cope with the changing market environment

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