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Methods for controlling the packaging quality of plastic jelly cups

I. tightness test of packaging

the tightness of jelly cup packaging is an important index for the inspection of a finished product packaging. Through the inspection, the sealing workers of packaging can be effectively compared and evaluated. The composition design of domestic high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy and the microstructure control criteria and sealing performance in the manufacturing process are put forward, It provides a scientific digital basis for determining the relevant production technical indicators. It can also be used to test the sealing performance of jelly cup packaging after falling and pressure resistance (combined with electronic universal tester)

II. Pressure resistance and burst resistance test of jelly cup packaging

this test index can be used to measure the pressure resistance of jelly cup packaging and control the burst resistance in transportation. The small electronic universal tester (for jelly cup) of Jinan Languang electromechanical technology development center can also rely on the improvement of the design concept of food packaging and the development of the latest plastic processing technology to simulate the test items of jelly cup packaging, such as the stacking height, the maximum burst resistance, the deformation under constant pressure, and the pressure resistance under constant deformation, so as to fully realize the tests of the comprehensive pressure resistance of jelly cup packaging

III. the opening force (tearing force) of jelly cup packaging and the mechanical property test of its packaging materials

if the sealing strength of jelly cup packaging is too large, it is not easy for consumers to open, and even the mouth opening film is torn. On the one hand, the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine provided by Languang test can meet the testing of mechanical properties of jelly cup packaging materials, such as heat sealing performance, tensile strength and elongation test, peel strength, tear strength and other test items. On the other hand, it can measure the opening force of jelly cup packaging. Languang's intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is equipped with a special opening force test fixture, which can test the opening force of jelly cup at 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees, and has a special statistical function. It can directly carry out statistical analysis and printing of the statistical results, which is convenient for the manufacturer to control the sealing process well. At the same time, it can also test the puncture performance of jelly cup packaging, which is different from the electronic UTM experimental machine used for static test

IV. barrier performance test of jelly cup packaging materials

jelly cup packaging is used more and more in the food field, and its shelf life is particularly important. The external factors that determine its shelf life mainly include two aspects: one is the barrier to light, the other is the barrier to gas and water vapor. The air permeability tester and moisture permeability tester of Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Development Center are specialized in testing the barrier property of packaging materials. Through the final consensus with the above manufacturers, it is the primary control index of the enterprise for this major event related to the safety of people's lives. (end and set the safety buckle and top travel schedule)

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