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One price of raw materials a day, obvious pressure on multiple industries

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"raw materials have risen too much recently, and they dare not take orders!" Master he Ruyi, who is engaged in the hardware industry, complained to him that copper materials rose the most sharply, with the price per ton rising by about 38%; The price of glass rose from more than 30 to more than 50 per square meter; Iron prices also rose by nearly a third; After the price rise at the end of last year, aluminum alloy has recently increased by about 15%... "In more than 20 years of practice, such a general rise has rarely been encountered." He said that in the past, individual categories rose and fell

since this year, bulk commodities such as copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, paper, plastics and rubber have continued to rise. At present, most industries in our city, such as plastics, textiles, printing, hardware, electronic devices and so on, are generally affected. "Now I suggest customers to order it later." He Ruyi told that all the orders made at present are old orders made years ago, and the dilemma of raw materials rising but having no place to play is too fierce. He can only negotiate with customers to increase them appropriately and reduce labor costs at the same time


the rise of raw materials

caused instability in the supply chain

the relevant person in charge of Xiamen Hongfa electroacoustic, the global relay leading enterprise, told that relay production involves a variety of raw materials, including copper, iron, plastic, enamelled wire, etc. the continuous rise in the price of bulk commodities has had an impact on most of their products of more than 30%. "The sharp rise in costs has led to instability in the supply chain." The relevant person in charge of Hongfa Diansheng said that due to the rising cost of raw materials and strong market demand, the whole supply chain has been "stretched" very tight. As a device manufacturing industry, it is most affected during this period

"the impact on the supply chain is obvious." Chenjiancheng, the relevant person in charge of chenzhan optoelectronics, told that since the fourth quarter of last year, the prices of copper, iron and plastic have risen, and the pressure on them and suppliers has doubled. Not only the electronics industry, but also the home appliance, textile and clothing industries are under obvious pressure under the tide of rising prices

"I don't want to take orders now, and there is no room for negotiation." Wuzhiwu, chairman of the Municipal Textile and clothing industry chamber of Commerce and chairman of Walker group, told that after the year, all kinds of fabrics were rising, and the profits of textile and clothing enterprises were not high. Some fabrics rose by 20% or 30%, and the enterprises had no profits at all. "Many upstream and downstream enterprises are in a dilemma, which has a greater impact on the supply chain than the epidemic last year." He said that raw materials have risen too rapidly, and he hasn't seen it in more than 20 years

insiders pointed out that the pressure of price rise and supply shortage of upstream raw material enterprises will be transmitted to the midstream manufacturing enterprises. The manufacturing industry has been fiercely competitive. On the one hand, it should protect customer demand, on the other hand, it should absorb or partially absorb the cost pressure caused by price rise, which seriously damages the operating efficiency of enterprises


the semiconductor, plastic and printing industries have felt pressure

precious metals and light Wenzhou basically constitute the rising prices of engraving and silicon wafers dominated by advanced high molecular and composite materials, high-end metal structures and functional materials, resulting in the continuous increase in the cost of the chip field. We learned that recently, Shilan micro, which has important projects in our city, issued a notice of price increases for some products, including MOS, IGBT, SBD, FRD, power control, etc. Industry insiders pointed out that there are two reasons for the price rise: first, domestic demand continues to be strong, and the semiconductor field has been in short supply since the second half of last year. 11. Ring stiffness: gb/t 9647 ⑵ 003 measurement of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes; Second, the continuous rise of raw materials has led to the "rising tide" of products. From November last year to the end of this year, relevant power semiconductor leading companies have raised the prices of some products

Hongfa Diansheng, chenzhan optoelectronics, Hongxin electronics and other device enterprises in our city said that they are actively communicating with suppliers and customers through the use of early-stage inventory to minimize the impact of rising raw material prices, but if the raw material prices remain high, enterprises can't afford it

the plastic and printing industries have been "rising". "Although the external retail price has not increased at present, the purchase price has increased by nearly 10%." In recent days, I have visited tire stores in the areas of Hubin Liuli, Qixing Road, fanghu, Wuyuan Bay, etc. and found that the rise in the prices of raw materials such as plastic and rubber has been transmitted to the auto parts industry dominated by tires. Master Chen, the owner of a tire store in Liuli, Hubin, said that if the cost rises again, the retail price will fluctuate accordingly. Master Wu of fanghu garage told that in addition to tires, the price of commonly used brake pads, wiper blades and other small accessories also increased slightly

according to the news, recently, a number of tire enterprises, including Zhengxin, Michelin, Jiatong tire, Zhongce Rubber and Sailun tire, have announced that they will raise the prices of some products due to the rising prices of raw materials. In fact, as early as late January this year, more than 10 enterprises have successively issued notice of price rise of tire products, with an increase of 2% to 6%

the market has different opinions about the next trend of commodity prices, but no matter how the future rises or falls, in the short term, due to the continuous growth of the global money supply, commodities may be used to hedge inflation, which makes us believe that this cooperation can let users experience a tighter and smoother CAE simulation process grid, which is likely to remain high in the near future. This will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the manufacturing industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with weak risk resistance

explore the causes

the influence of peripheral factors does not rule out speculation

crude oil "sneezes", and nonferrous chemical industry "catches a bad cold". Xu Peixin, President of the municipal plastics chamber of Commerce, said that since the end of last year, oil prices have "risen for seven consecutive years", driving chemical and plastics to rebound from last year's low, and prices have risen all the way. Take polyester bottle chips as an example. Now it is more than 7000 per ton, up about 60%. "The rise and fall of raw materials is normal, but I didn't expect it to rise so sharply this time." Xu Peixin said that it will take some time for enterprises to digest the price rise, but if it continues to rise, product prices will also rise

Xu Peixin told that crude oil, chemical industry and other raw materials are greatly affected by the international economic situation. This time, the price rise of bulk commodities is mainly caused by the macro background of loose liquidity and the expectation that the global economy is recovering from the epidemic. In the medium and long term, with the improvement of the epidemic abroad, the world market will gradually recover, and the demand for raw materials may continue to grow. This is consistent with the views of many industry insiders, but the situation is different in different industries. Some business operators also believe that in addition to the impact of macro factors, there is no lack of human disturbance

the paper industry is the most skeptical in the market. From the year before to the year after, the paper market continued to be in the rising channel. Whether corrugated paper and box board paper with waste paper as raw material, or cultural paper and special paper with wood pulp as raw material, they have experienced multiple rounds of increases, and the prices have repeatedly broken new highs. "Each ton of white cardboard has exceeded the 10000 mark." Zhuang Hao, chairman of Jihong Co., Ltd., who has been deeply involved in the printing industry for more than a decade, said that in recent years, the printing industry has experienced two price increases, one from 2008 to 2009, and the other from 2016 to 2017. However, no matter which one, it has not risen so sharply

"this rising method is unusual." An entrepreneur who did not want to be named told that although the number of eco-friendly bags has increased due to the plastic ban, the market has not yet reached the level of supply exceeding demand. A paper industry boss bought a listed paper company dominated by white cardboard, forming a 70% monopoly market. By first frying the price of wood pulp, he further pushed up the price of paper and disrupted the order of the industry

Wu Zhiwu also believes that this rise method is not in line with the market, and there may be some illegal traders speculating and hyping up the price. He said that if the price of end products can not be raised, the price of raw materials will not continue to be high

the relevant departments of our city said that at present, they are closely monitoring the market situation. If they find a large number of goods with tight market supply and abnormal price fluctuations, or use other means to bid up prices and promote the excessive and excessive rise of commodity prices, they will be investigated and punished according to law

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