The hottest raw material PX rose and fell repeated

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Raw material PX rose and fell repeatedly, PTA or continued consolidation

I. market review

this week, PTA futures market continued the previous consolidation trend, and the trading range was slightly higher than that of last week. The main contract ta0905 opened at 5730 yuan, with a maximum of 5886 and a minimum of 5712 yuan, and closed at 5832 yuan, up 114 yuan from the closing price of 5718 yuan last week, with 548282 transactions and 74050 positions

Zhengzhou ta0905 contract transaction unit: yuan/ton, 5 tons per hand


weekly opening price

highest price

lowest price

closing price

transaction (hand)

position (hand)

settlement price





in the week of March 6/p>

5 half a year after operation 718



3 the instruments used are electronic tubes Transistor circuit ta0905








Zhengzhou pta0905 trend chart

the chart is Zhengzhou pta0905 trend chart. (picture source: Beijing medium term)

II. Main factors affecting the market

(I) upstream market:

(1) crude oil

this week, international crude oil soared and plummeted in the absence of information guidance. Crude oil rose 8% for two consecutive days, then fell 10%, and soared 11% on Thursday; The lack of clear positive and negative news in the market is the main reason for the wide-ranging oscillation of crude oil. On Wednesday, the growth rate of U.S. crude oil inventories was slightly larger than expected, and the international oil price fell sharply. While the crude oil import volume of the United States increased, the operating rate of refineries decreased, and the inventory increased by only 700000 barrels, which has no negative impact on the market. The sharp decline in gasoline inventories in the United States may boost oil prices again. Meanwhile, US retail sales showed signs of stabilization, gasoline sales rebounded, and US stocks rose for three consecutive days. In addition, the market is more concerned about whether the OPEC meeting will reduce production at the end of this week. Until then, crude oil will remain volatile. As of the week of March 12, New York light oil futures for the first month and witnessed the signing of a number of cooperation documents between the two countries, the average closing price per barrel was $45.532, 2.422 higher than the previous week, with the highest closing price of $47.07 per barrel and the lowest closing price of $42.33 per barrel. London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil futures for the first month closed at an average price of $43.886 per barrel, 0.518 lower than the previous week, with the highest closing price of $45.09 per barrel and the lowest price of $41.40 per barrel

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