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Raw materials and bulk commodities continued to plummet! Paint enterprises have mixed feelings

raw materials and bulk commodities continued to plummet! Paint enterprises have mixed feelings

December 03, 2018

oil enterprises that were once popular for a while are now facing a situation of continuous sharp decline in prices. According to paint procurement, 3. Switching electricity will also interfere with electronic universal testing machines. The international oil price has plummeted by 30% in less than two months, and crude oil has turned into a "drowning dog" from the favorite of heaven who climbed to the peak of $100. According to statistics, this round of decline in international oil prices has set the longest consecutive decline record in 35 years

at the same time, the steel industry, which has achieved the best performance in history, has also faced the test of paying close attention to production efficiency and energy requirements in recent two months. According to relevant sources in the steel industry, domestic steel prices have also plummeted in the past two months, and profits have been halved

crude oil is an important chemical material. Its sharp decline has directly caused the price decline of many important chemicals in the chemical industry! According to paint purchasing, there were 34 kinds of goods that fell on a month on month basis last week, accounting for 47.22% of our machine list. You can see in your own city. The three largest declines were hydrochloric acid (-11.81%), aniline (-8.88%) and propylene oxide (-7.72%)

the sharp decline in bulk products such as oil and steel will be good news for the development of domestic coating enterprises. Since 2018, domestic raw material prices have continued to rise, putting great pressure on the costs of coating enterprises. According to the research on the first three quarters of Listed Companies in the domestic coating industry, the profit margins of almost all coating enterprises decreased in the first three quarters of 2018. The listed coating enterprises are the leading enterprises in the industry, and their life is difficult, not to mention those small and medium-sized enterprises since this year. This round of decline in raw material prices will reduce the cost pressure of coating enterprises, and the overall profit margin of the enterprise will be improved

according to the data of national real estate development investment and sales in 2018 released by the National Bureau of statistics, the growth rate of domestic real estate development investment has continued to decline since July

in the industrial field, taking the automotive coating industry as an example, since the second half of this year, automobile sales have experienced an avalanche of decline. Since July, passenger car sales have increased negatively for three consecutive months, and the decline has continued to expand, and September has recorded the largest decline in seven years. In October 2018, the national auto sales were 2.38 million, a year-on-year decrease of 11.7%, of which the passenger car sales fell by 13% year-on-year to 2.05 million. China's auto sales have declined year-on-year for four consecutive months

it is not difficult to see from the above data that although the decline in raw material prices in the short term will reduce the cost of coating enterprises, in the long run, the demand of end users is weak, and the consumption index has fallen to the bottom, which will have a great impact on the future development of enterprises

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