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Asymmetric competitive strategy case: the competitive strategy of Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bag

Abstract: o2o strategy, focus, perfection, reputation and speed, these so-called Internet thinking, are not unique to IT enterprises and Internet companies. Huangjiale has deeply cultivated Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bag and applied these keys to traditional industries. Dongguan Haiyun Packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various environmental protection bags, with a utilization rate of more than 5 times higher than that of paper bags and a bearing capacity of more than 30%, as low as 0.5 yuan per bag

o2o strategy, focus, perfection, reputation and speed. The so-called Internet thinking of these mechanical performance experiments is not unique to IT enterprises and Internet companies. Huangjiale has deeply cultivated Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bags and applied these keys to traditional industries

I. focus: she has been deeply engaged in the "Haiyun non-woven ring" bag, one centimeter wide and one kilometer deep.

huangjiale and Haiyun packaging have been focusing on the production and research and development of non-woven environmental protection bags for five years. Inspired by teacher Liuqiming's asymmetric competition strategy single point breakthrough theory, she decided to make the small non-woven environmental protection bags to the extreme, and the film covered non-woven environmental protection bags made with special processes are more high-end and atmospheric, Of course, Haiyun QR code environmental protection bag will be further innovated, taking the non-woven environmental protection bag as the carrier of low-cost brand promotion to the extreme. So far, it has provided the brand promotion scheme of non-woven environmental protection bag for more than 100 enterprises

after nearly five years of development, Haiyun packaging has also met many friends or customers who need plastic bags or paper bags. Huangjiale explained the advantages of non-woven environmental protection bags over plastic bags and paper bags one by one. The reuse rate is more than five times higher. For those friends and customers who are determined to use plastic bags or paper bags, huangjiale introduced them to friends in this field

huangjiale thinks that the power of concentration is to gather. Especially, SMEs are not rich in resources, so they should withstand the temptation and know how to gather resources. The strategy of asymmetric competition is to clarify what to do? Don't do what? Therefore, huangjiale has locked in the sub field of non-woven environmental protection bags, and she is ready to stick to it all the time to achieve a width of one centimeter and a depth of one kilometer

II. Acme: she knows the acme. 3. the detection indicators of corrugated boxes mainly include: pressure test, stacking test, vertical impact drop test. She knows how to change fate and learn to achieve the future.

Huang Jiale's understanding of acme is very simple. She believes that she should either not do it or do it best

it may be that she has participated in many courses such as the action successful management training company and the MBA president class of CUHK. She thinks that people all over the world know that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Perhaps not many people know Baiyun Mountain, but people in Guangzhou and even in Guangdong must know Baiyun Mountain. At present, Haiyun packaging has many branches and factories in Guangdong Province, Now we can't make it into the Mount Everest in the non-woven environmental protection bag industry, but it doesn't matter. We continue to focus on resources in Guangdong Province, and the province will deliver goods to the door free of charge. First, we will make it into the Baiyun Mountain in Guangdong Province. One day, Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bag will certainly become the Mount Everest in the field of non-woven environmental protection bags in China

huangjiale likes learning very much. Although her education background is not high, she is convinced that knowledge will change the destiny and learning will achieve the future. She believes that education background does not represent ability, and diploma does not represent level. As long as she persists in learning, reads thousands of books, travels thousands of miles, serves thousands of customers, and combines the knowledge learned with the needs of customers, she will be able to create the ultimate brand of Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bags

III. word of mouth: she has worked hard on her personal brand, proving that products are people's character.

Huang Jiale has a low education background. Although she has only a high school diploma and didn't even know what marketing is before, she knows the basic truth of being a person. Huang Jiale often tells employees that products are people's character. Good products don't rely on marketing and deception, but on excellent quality, and only receive reasonable profits, so that customers can spread word of mouth

Huang Jiale's definition of good non-woven environment-friendly bags is that they must be good enough for customers to speak out and exceed their expectations. Therefore, Huang Jiale has set up a design team, an it expert team and a customer service team so far while doing a good job in the construction of production plants. All of them are non-woven environment-friendly bags that only sell customers' satisfaction for production. Today, it is incredible that Huang Jiale has not set up a sales team, She is a typical person who does not know marketing skills but only understands the needs of customers. Over the past five years, Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bags have been developed and expanded by word of mouth. Many new customers even contact Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bags free of charge when they see the non-woven bags of old customers

huangjiale thinks that the boss of an enterprise who pays attention to moral character pays more attention to the quality of products. She regards the quality of products as life. Haiyun packaging has also seen the situation that due to the development and growth of the enterprise, the newly recruited employees fail to pass the technology and the quality inspection is not well controlled. The customers are not satisfied. She would rather the customers return the goods in full than expand the loss

the rigorous quality control system of huangjiale and Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bags has formed the enterprise gene of Haiyun packaging today, and product quality is the life of the enterprise

IV. fast: she created a two-dimensional code environmental protection bag of Haiyun, entered the Internet field and quickly spread the corporate brand

the successful action. Teacher Li Jian said that we should integrate seriousness, quickness, commitment and never find an excuse into the boss's style and brand it into the corporate culture. Huangjiale was convinced. She believed that the only martial arts in the world were fast

after several years of study, she introduced an it expert team to help Haiyun bangzhuang develop with the help of Internet tools, and provide customers with free network marketing diagnosis and free bag QR code marketing solutions

at present, Haiyun packaging can provide marketing stations, stations and official account, update the information of three places at one time, unify the publicity image of the enterprise, and save the publicity space of the enterprise (mm): 550 cost. Employees and consumers can view the latest information and promotion information of the enterprise in any way, and enter the location to query the nearest experience store nearby. The combination of enterprise brand promotion and Haiyun two-dimensional non-woven environmental protection bags revitalizes the traditional environmental protection bags

people riding bicycles can only run about 10 kilometers if they pedal hard for 1 hour; When a person drives a car, he can run 100 kilometers in one hour with one foot on the accelerator; People can run 300 kilometers with their eyes closed in one hour by taking high-speed rail; People can run 1000 kilometers in an hour by plane and eating delicious food. People are still the same people. With the same efforts, different platforms and carriers, why are the results different

Haiyun QR code environmental protection bag is willing to become a fast track for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

v. she is an idealist. Environmental protection is not only a slogan, but also a pursuit.

huangjiale has had a tortuous entrepreneurial experience. The reason why she finally chose Haiyun non-woven environmental protection bag business is not only to make money, but also a mission and a pursuit. She believes that while achieving perfect packaging for customers, she also contributes to protecting the ecological environment of the earth

huangjiale likes to focus and create acme, and has been building personal and corporate brands. As a bag speaker of low-cost brand communication of Haiyun QR code non-woven environmental protection bag enterprise, huangjiale and Haiyun packaging will always walk with you


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