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Smart lighting: the underestimated mobile Internet entrance

Security Exhibition] the difficulty in landing is a common problem faced by the smart home industry. Consumers' awareness and acceptance of the whole house smart upgrade is not high. Many enterprises choose to start with smart products and try to seize the entrance of the smart home ecological layout with single products

from voice controlled smart speakers to smart screens that integrate voice, touch and other interactive methods, the items that fall into the debate over the entrance of the smart home field are always you and me. However, compared with the hundred box war triggered by smart speakers, the smart screen battle between manufacturers and home appliance manufacturers, as an important part of the smart ecosystem, is somewhat deserted

for a long time, has intelligent lighting, the smart Internet entrance, been underestimated by the industry

the pain point of intelligent lighting still exists, and the selling of single products gradually turns to the selling of solutions.

driven by data technology, many small enterprises such as Heda have done very well, the traditional lighting industry has ushered in the wave of intelligent upgrading. According to the data of LED Institute of advanced industry research (GGII), the scale of China's intelligent lighting market reached 38.7 billion yuan in 2018, with a year-on-year increase of 46.6%. It is expected that the scale of China's intelligent lighting is expected to reach 83 billion yuan in 2020, with a promising prospect

compared with the rapidly growing market scale, there are still many pain points in the intelligent lighting industry. The author visited a home shopping mall in Beijing and observed that the intelligent lighting equipment currently provided by lighting stores, including OPP lighting and Philips, is still dominated by isolated single products

compared with traditional lighting equipment, this kind of products can realize remote dimming and color matching (1) reinforcement through app, and the degree of intelligence in interaction is not high. At the same time, compared with traditional lighting fixtures, the price of such products is generally high

many dealers said that the current market acceptance of intelligent lighting equipment is not high, because at this stage, manufacturers' bargaining power for intelligent modules, sensors and other related components involved in intelligent lighting equipment is weak, product pricing is high, and most consumers are unwilling to pay a product premium of about 30%

it is difficult to pry the market by single products, and dealers smell the business opportunity of customizing intelligent lighting solutions

during the visit, some stores providing lighting customization services attracted the author's attention. The person in charge of Sanfeng lighting Beijing, a customized lighting solution provider, told the author that in recent years, the majority of LED lighting dealers have begun to pay attention to smart lighting home and provide customized ownerless lighting solution services for the C-end market. The systematic solution can achieve more accurate lighting layout and intelligent scene setting, and truly solve the use problems for users

in the process of lighting enterprises becoming solution providers, the intelligent upgrading of products is an important part. Traditional lighting enterprises have advantages in product design and manufacturing process, but they may not be able to do a good job in the integration of software and hardware upgrading of products. Based on this, the development platform that enables the intelligent upgrading of lighting enterprises came into being, and graffiti intelligence is the representative of successfully promoting this business model

Ding Ziwen, the product manager of graffiti intelligent business photo, once told the media that intelligent lighting is the fist product of the product solution provided by the graffiti intelligent platform. The platform can provide lighting enterprises with a one-stop AI IOT solution to help consumer IOT intelligent device manufacturers realize the intelligent upgrading of lighting products

lighting manufacturers produce and manufacture intelligent lighting products. Platform manufacturers provide software and hardware platforms and related value-added services. Intelligent lighting products that get rid of single product islands are saying goodbye to pseudo intelligence and become really easy to use

cross border integration, seize the ecological entrance of smart home

as an indispensable use scenario of smart home, smart lighting cannot be developed independently from other smart home systems. At the same time, smart lighting involves not only smart lamps themselves, but also sensors, artificial intelligence, IOT and other cross-border fields. The ability of a single enterprise and a single business form is limited, which is difficult to give full consideration to

from the frequent cross-border cooperation cases in the field of intelligent lighting in 2019, it has become an inevitable trend for the development of intelligent lighting to jointly build an intelligent ecosystem covering intelligent lighting

2019 inventory of cross-border cooperation events in the field of intelligent lighting

in addition to the traditional measurement of deformation and the installation of deformation measurement to measure the cross-border layout of lighting enterprises, IOT platforms including Xiaomi also began to bring intelligent lighting into the scope of the ecological chain

on October 24, 2019, fan Dian, chairman of Xiaomi aiot strategic committee and general manager of Xiaomi IOT platform, officially launched the Xiaomi IOT intelligent lighting opening plan. Fan Dian said that smart lighting is an important part of smart home and one of the devices for users to experience smart home. Xiaomi hopes to integrate its own advantages with the advantages of traditional lighting enterprises through opening platform access and sharing new retail channels, so as to jointly accelerate the growth and popularization of smart lighting market

on the whole, the big data analysis ability of IOT platform will help lighting enterprises truly grasp the diversified needs of consumers and complex and volatile industry trends. The large user base of high-quality channels and a wide range of online sales channels can also enable intelligent lighting products to aggregate, and its market share will account for 80% of the total flow of fiberglass composites. Cross border cooperation makes the traditional industry of lighting have more added value, and the business model of intelligent lighting industry is gradually maturing

from single lamp control to scene based intelligent lighting solutions, when intelligent lighting products become easy to use, lighting, an indispensable part of family life, will become a natural entrance for consumers to experience intelligent life and help the commercial landing of the whole house intelligence. At the same time, the relevant industrial chains scattered by intelligent lighting are moving towards integration and optimization. Intelligent lighting plays an important role as the link of intelligent ecosystem, and its value should not be underestimated

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