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The future of smart machine IOT - Schneider Electric officially released the ecostruxure machine architecture

China. On May 17, 2017, global energy efficiency management and Automation Expert Schneider Electric today released the ecostruxure machine architecture, which is an open and interactive architecture for the load of power off 4-quadrant communication frequency converters, among the current imported equipment of the same type mainly for the OEM industry at the Chengdu Station of the Innovation Summit. Relying on ecostruxure for the industrial field, this architecture will provide mechanical equipment manufacturers and end users with digital solutions for IOT and intelligent devices. Through the real one-to-one, it will seamlessly integrate machine operation and process data, and support rapid response and comprehensive reporting capabilities, so as to reduce the total cost of ownership of customers and create value for the whole life cycle of mechanical equipment manufacturing

Ma Yue, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the industrial division in China, released the ecostruxure machine architecture for the OEM industry

create greater value with an innovative architecture. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, the treatment and recycling of waste plastics

in the industrial field, 50% of the energy efficiency potential has not yet been brought into play, while the bottleneck of mechanical technology upgrading and fierce market competition pressure, It is redefining the position of stand-alone equipment manufacturer, posing a new challenge for enterprises to maintain sustained growth in revenue and profits. Therefore, the development of IOT based on Internet technology and mobile technology, the development of energy management and automation technology based on the integration of OT and it, and the efficiency improvement of cloud and analysis technology will become an important support for the development of industrial enterprises in the future. The ability, efficiency and effect of machine interconnection, the speed of machine development to meet customer needs, and the awareness of business model innovation will become the key driving forces for the development of OEM enterprises

in order to help more users cope with the challenges, and as one of the important cornerstones of digital transformation, Schneider Electric released a new generation of ecostruxure architecture and platform in 2017 to provide large-scale, IOT based solutions for users in the fields of buildings, electricity, industry and data centers. Ecostruxure machine is one of the components of ecostruxure system architecture. It will provide an open and interactive platform and architecture for industrial interconnection (iiot) for mechanical equipment manufacturers and end users, including HVAC, hoisting, textile, electronics, material handling, packaging and other industries, by using products that are interconnected at three levels, and the comprehensive innovation of edge control and application programs, analysis and services, To create greater value:

for mechanical equipment manufacturers: provide an architecture and platform based on core technologies such as product interconnection, automation and software, cloud services, analysis and machine learning, and create value for the whole life cycle of machine equipment design, programming, debugging, operation, maintenance and service from the aspects of safety, reliability, flexibility, efficiency, friendly access and sustainability. Connect different production equipment through interconnected products, optimize model research and development with accurate analysis and services, and improve production efficiency; Use flexible mobile technology and cloud technology to improve the efficiency of management and communication, and use security technology to ensure the safety of production and network

for end users: through open, interactive and intelligent machinery and equipment, we can help industrial end users improve the decision-making power and efficiency of operators, optimize the cost and management of machinery and equipment, and realize end-to-end operation optimization and enterprise level control. Through digital transformation and innovative business models, improve industrial end-user satisfaction, enhance market insight, enhance enterprise competitiveness, and realize the in-depth transformation from single machine manufacturers to intelligent equipment manufacturers

round table dialogue on industrial automation needs under intelligent manufacturing

create the future of smart machines with the benefits of lighthouses

with the release of ecostruxure machine architecture, Schneider Electric also brought a new digital service platform, machinemost lighthouse, to Chinese OEM customers on site. As an important innovation in application, analysis and service, the platform uses a large number of existing data interfaces of Schneider Electric to form a more open ecosystem, connects more intelligent devices distributed in different places to obtain more real-time data, and transmits the data to the cloud through Ethernet, mobile/wireless network and Bluetooth. Using our time assay pressure tester like we is also B and application to configure the data Analysis and visualization, while supporting customers to use API interfaces to expand the required functions. In addition, the lighthouse can also combine more diverse new digital technologies and Applications (such as AR) to open a new horizon

so far, 2670 measuring points and 42 sets of PLC equipment have been connected to the lighthouse. Through this more mature, flexible and safe digital platform, Schneider Electric will be able to meet more customization and rapid deployment needs of customers. At the same time, it will realize the application of big data by OEM manufacturers, so as to optimize the process, improve user satisfaction, create more innovative business models, and also help end users improve on-site equipment management capabilities, Improve OEE (integrated equipment efficiency); Provide a lightweight MES system to analyze output, assist in resource and production planning, and improve staff efficiency

combined with the excellent ability of machinemost lighthouse in agile development and data operation and maintenance, Schneider Electric has established an innovative cooperation model centered on OEM customers to help customers win the market by relying on differentiated competition and move more conveniently towards success

Schneider Electric's new digital service cloud platform, machinemost lighthouse, was officially released.

at the summit, Ma Yue, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China's industrial division, said: the emergence of IOT depicts the future of the entire industry. In the machinery manufacturing industry, mechanical equipment manufacturers and end users are therefore facing new challenges. Based on the ecostruxure machine architecture released this time, we will help customers in this field to achieve the real end by integrating ot/it technology, seamlessly integrating machine operation and process data, so as to reshape organizational and business flexibility, create value agreements among all stakeholders, achieve higher operational efficiency and measurable return on investment, and remain invincible in the fierce market competition

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