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Henan intelligent manufacturing docking industrial interconnection signed 188 million yuan

recently, the Henan intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection docking conference hosted by Henan Provincial Commission of industry and information technology and co hosted by Henan Mobile, Henan Unicom and Henan Telecom was held in Zhengzhou

it is reported that in the next three years, Henan Province will take this unique mechanical action. On the one hand, it will implement five actions: the replacement of key positions by machines, the intelligent transformation of production lines, the construction of intelligent workshops, the construction of intelligent factories, and the construction of intelligent demonstration parks. By 2020, the application scale of intelligent equipment will reach more than 20000 units, and 1000 intelligent demonstration students will be built to start and operate these household appliance production lines without direct supervision, There are 300 provincial-level intelligent workshops, 150 provincial-level intelligent factories, and 20 intelligent demonstration parks. On the other hand, we will implement five major actions, including the upgrading of the intelligent equipment industry, the construction of industrial interconnection platforms, "enterprises on the cloud", the introduction and education of system solution suppliers, and the guidance of intelligent manufacturing standards. By the same period of 2020, the scale of the intelligent equipment industry will exceed 300billion yuan, cultivate 2-3 comprehensive cloud platforms and 20 industry cloud platforms in sub sectors, promote 30000 industrial enterprises in the province to the cloud, and drive 100000 small and medium-sized enterprises to the cloud

the conference announced the list of the first batch of comprehensive cloud platform service providers of "enterprise cloud" in Henan Province and the recommended directory of the first batch of intelligent manufacturing system solution providers in Henan Province. Intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers and industrial Internet platform service providers from inside and outside the province signed cooperation agreements with 10 manufacturing enterprises that click the "valve port reset" button on the main interface in our province, involving an amount of 188 million yuan

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