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The smart lock market has ushered in a good year, and 2017 is bound to ride the wind and waves

if 2016 is a year for the smart lock industry to take advantage of the wind, then 2017 will be a critical year. We can see from the development trend of the industry in the past two years that the previously unknown smart lock market suddenly ushered in rapid growth, and the momentum is really amazing. In 2015, there were only a few dozen smart lock brands on the market. By 2016, another reason is that they have carried out more strict monitoring on the quality control of incoming materials and finished products, which has rapidly expanded to sevenoreight hundred. Among them, there are not only emerging Internet vertical brands, but also traditional door lock and security enterprises in transition

2016, most domestic and foreign smart lock brands have launched crowdfunding projects, and they have exceeded the goal of not only fundamentally transforming the plastic granulator process, but also the goal of crowdfunding, such as Asia Pacific Tianneng, kaidishi, Wrigley, pita, Manshen, gateman, Ola and other domestic and foreign smart lock brands. Among them, there are tens of millions of crowdfunding breakthroughs to achieve better development in the future. For a time, the smart lock Market in a wait-and-see state has become a "sweet pastry" coveted by everyone. Judging from the current development momentum, although wait-and-see is transformed into action, a large amount of capital will enter the market in 2017, and the smart lock market will usher in a greater outbreak

black technology plus smart lock perfectly solves users' pain points

compared with traditional door locks, smart locks add many functions and features, which are more safe and convenient. In the past, when you go out, you always need to carry the key with you, which is cumbersome and unsightly. The smart door lock introduces biometric technology based on the key and password. Users can unlock the lock through fingerprint or iris. Users themselves are keys, and they no longer need to look at the door and sigh because they forget or lose the key. Tragedies caused by illegal elements sneaking in when children enter and leave the door unlocked also happen from time to time. The new smart door lock will automatically lock when it detects that the door is ajar for a long time, greatly improving safety. In addition, when the head of household goes out and there are visitors at home, the head of household can also help the visitors open the door through remote unlocking or temporary password, which is more convenient. Businesses have accurately grasped consumers' needs for safety and convenience. It is only a matter of time before smart locks open the market

backed by the general trend of smart home, smart locks take off in the wind

behind the rapid development of smart locks is the rapid popularization of the concept of smart home in the past two years. Under the background of continuous publicity and promotion by businesses and the younger generation gradually becoming the main consumer, the concept of smart home has been understood and familiar by more and more people. Smart switches, smart bulbs and even smart appliances have become a part of many families. In the intelligent residence, the traditional door lock with clumsy shape and lack of design sense seems somewhat out of place. As long as the price is acceptable, most people will choose to replace the smart door lock

in addition, the accommodation industry is increasingly showing a trend of diversification. Real estate enterprises and hotels enter the director's rental apartments, long-term rental apartments and short-term rental platforms, and a large number of full-time B & B second landlords have emerged... The production mode of residential products has split from the old hotel and C2C leasing to the current situation that includes real estate developers, hotel management companies, Internet operators, professional and solid, smooth second landlords and other parties. In order to promote the overall informatization development of the industry, businesses also need to use the intelligent lock system to connect the upstream and downstream, data linkage, and realize real-time housing resources. This will undoubtedly further stimulate the rapid outbreak of the smart lock market

lack of standards, opportunities and challenges coexist

although the smart door lock market has a broad prospect, the smart lock manufacturers that have developed less than two years are still mixed. Without in-depth market education, consumers are easy to be deceived by false publicity, which will harm the development of the industry. At the same time, intelligent door locks must also withstand the test of information security. At the 315 party, it was exposed that hackers attacked smart home systems from the cloud. At present, many smart locks have app door opening function, uploading the unlock digital password to the cloud, and then dropping it to the cloud. Even remote unlocking can directly download the electronic password from the cloud to the lock, leaving hackers an opportunity to take advantage of! However, I believe that with the development and popularization of smart locks in the next few years, ticket manufacturers and brands will eventually be eliminated from the market, industry standards will naturally form, and technological progress will also make smart locks more safe and reliable

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