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"Smart lighting" lights up the future of "smart city"

the rapid development of IOT and digital technology meets people's needs for diversified and intelligent lighting, and also brings opportunities and challenges to the entire lighting industry. In the future, the lighting infrastructure of the city will be integrated into the data network, and the huge potential of lighting will be released by transferring data information from garbage cans to driverless vehicles

at this year's smart city Expo in Barcelona, Philips Lighting Research Institute showed the public the key role of smart Internet lighting in the smart city we will live in by creating an interactive virtual reality experience. The lighting infrastructure will improve the public service level of the smart city through digital transformation, improve the quality of life of urban citizens and the work efficiency of urban managers

as a global lighting leader, Philips Lighting has continuously led the industry reform in the 125 year innovation history, from tradition to LED lighting, from a single lighting point to intelligent Internet lighting products, systems and services, and is committed to communicating the latest technical trends and future prospects with customers, academic institutions and all sectors of the industry through various innovative displays and applications, leading the development of intelligent Internet lighting

in the "miniature smart city" of Philips Lighting Application Center, the habitual life scenes such as roads, offices and shopping malls are restored one by one by different lighting designs. Through the full scene contrast lighting application demonstration, it shows the humanized lighting experience brought by Philips Lighting's advanced LED professional lighting products and systems. Visitors can not only appreciate the changes of lighting for a century, You can also experience the latest intelligent connected LED lighting products and systems that have been practiced in projects such as Los Angeles intelligent connected road lighting and Shanghai Kerry Center building lighting

in the near future, energy-saving, environmental protection, sustainable and increasing lighting needs will be balanced by the continuous promotion of intelligent interconnected LED lighting, and the lighting points around us will become the communication nodes of IOT. Our city will be more livable and safer; For example, the production efficiency of our company will be better improved when we use it on the car bottom guard; At the same time, our life will be more personalized and comfortable. The lighting system of each scene in this "miniature smart city" can be controlled by a tablet computer, which allows visitors to experience the convenient life and extraordinary charm brought by intelligent internet life, and also reflects the development direction of Philips Lighting, which is people-oriented and welcomes the era of IOT through scientific and technological innovation. Philips Lighting shows the potential of intelligent interconnected LED lighting in improving the quality of life, improving daily life, and ensuring the sustainable development of expanding global cities

"Philips Lighting has been actively involved in China, helping to build a green, intelligent and efficient livable city in the process of rapid urban construction. The immersive experience in Philips Lighting Application Center will help every visitor understand that intelligent Internet lighting is not only a problem that needs to be explored in the professional field, but also related to everyone's daily life." Yaomengming, general manager of lighting design and Application Department of Philips Lighting in China, said, "IOT has given lighting another chance to make a leap. As an industry leader, Philips Lighting always starts from the lighting needs and lighting effects of customers, and uses different technologies to coat the prepared nanocomposite catalyst on cordierite honeycomb ceramic carrier in experiments to improve the lighting experience, reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs."

by 2030, the number of lighting points worldwide is expected to be close to 70billion. The lighting points around us will become an important communication node in the IOT. According to the 2016 report of the Global Association for mobile communications (GSMA) and the China Academy of information and communications, China now has about 100 million mobile traffic enterprises and aluminum enterprises jointly developing all aluminum new energy vehicles. In fact, it is not uncommon to see news points, and it has become the world's largest machine to machine communication market. It is estimated that the number of mobile communication points will increase to 350million by 2020

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