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Smart home makes life more convenient and flexible

with the rapid development of computer technology, communication technology, network technology, control technology and information technology, people have increased their requirements for the modernization of family life, the comfort of living environment and the safety of home. Under this increasingly urgent demand, smart home is required to have not only the functions of safety, convenience, comfort, energy saving and entertainment, but also a system integrating audio, video, computer function, communication function, home automation/control/pla fiber breaking strength greater than 3.5g/d safety technology and interconnecting all different equipment applications and functions, so as to make our home life more convenient Flexibility

smart home, or smart home, is commonly used in English. Similar to the meaning of smart home are homeautomation, electronichome, e-home, digitalfamily, homenet/networkforhome, networkhome, inte1ligenthome/building, and digital home and digital home in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions

smart home also includes smart bathroom and smart kitchen utensils. The concept of smart bathroom (1) what is the new product of measuring appliance that can better reflect the development direction of smart home? The intellectualization of bathroom products can reduce pollution and save energy. Through intelligent products, water and dirt can be better used and treated, The intelligent toilet can save more paper and automatically treat the excrement, which is then discharged to the city's large sewage treatment system. The intelligent kitchen liberates people from tedious kitchen work. The kitchen utensils controlled by microcomputer can provide appropriate heat according to people's requirements and cook delicious dishes. The scientific diet plan is directly input into the system of the intelligent kitchen, which can remind people who want to lose weight of the calories of each meal, It can provide recipes for diabetics to achieve the role of dietotherapy. WDW ⑴ 0/20/30 microcomputer controlled floor type electronic universal experimental machine

smart home is an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environment-friendly living environment based on residential platform, which combines architecture, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, and integrates system, structure, service and management

smart home can be defined as a process or a system. Using advanced computer technology, network communication technology and generic cabling technology, various subsystems related to home life are organically combined, and through overall management, home life is more comfortable, safe and effective. Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional living function, but also provides comfortable, safe, high-grade and pleasant family living space; It has also changed from the original passive static structure to a tool with dynamic wisdom, providing a comprehensive information exchange function, helping families maintain smooth information exchange with the outside world, optimizing people's lifestyle, helping people effectively arrange time, enhancing the safety of home life, and even saving money for various energy costs

the development of smart home is endless, and the perfection of the whole system of smart home is also endless. In the future smart home, there will not only be robots serving the owner, but also consultation, office and creation through the network. The whole home is like the control room of a spacecraft. Everything has been automated, making it more ecological and open. Home life will also be more comfortable and convenient

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