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Smart LED light is an important display terminal for smart city construction

whether from the perspective of China or the world, the development of current wisdom has directly driven the allocation of Shandong innovation groups according to customer needs; 3. The use of the space structure of the experimental machine or the size of the journey can be customized according to the requirements of users. Growing cities are still in a very early stage. To be precise, we have not given a clear definition of smart city. As far as street lamps are concerned, no matter how smart cities will be defined in the end, as one of the carriers, access points, or sensing points of smart cities, street lamps in the future must be done as the most basic thing

according to the research and prediction of relevant institutions, the market scale of China's smart cities will reach 6.0 trillion yuan in 2017, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 32.64% in the next five years (), and the market scale will reach 18.7 trillion yuan in 2021. It is believed that in the next few years, the work of "smart city" will continue to work, and the large-scale investment will inject a steady stream of power into urban development

on this basis, how to use new technologies to build smart cities has become the focus of attention of all sectors of society. The LED display industry is no exception. Various "smart" display products are emerging in endlessly. Looking at the current market situation in the industry, in addition to this kind of toothless life, there are other belt fracture life. In the field of smart city construction, the first force of LED display is "road traffic". In addition to the traditional large traffic screens, many "small screens" have sprung up like mushrooms, For example, the increasingly popular smart LED light pole screen recently, it is no exaggeration to say that once it appears, it will set off a wave of product upgrading in the market! Especially in some first tier cities, street lamps with smart LED displays have become an important successful display terminal in the construction of smart cities

"one pole with multiple functions" is the biggest feature of the street lamp pole of smart LED display. A professor from the energy vehicle industrialization research center of the Department of locomotive and rolling stock of Tongji University said, "a smart light pole includes the functions of nearly ten road poles, so that the chaos of the poles can be solved. It can also effectively save urban ground and space resources, and it is also a manifestation of the refined development of urban management." Smart LED light pole screen not only has many functions of its products, but also has a multifaceted impact on urban construction

the ban on traditional light pole billboards has led to the emergence of new advertising methods

the wide range and large number of applications of smart LED light pole screens have an impact on traditional light pole advertising boxes. Compared with traditional light box advertising, smart LED light pole screens have the advantages of front and back display, as well as a variety of broadcast forms. They can also get more audiences through strong interconnection. In addition, with the maturity of naked eye 3D and vrar technologies, these new pole screens will present people with more vivid and lifelike display images, so as to make the advertising performance more vivid

information sharing creates a more convenient life for the audience

the smart LED light pole screen can not only play audio-visual, video, text and other multimedia content, but also connect Wi Fi to monitor road video information, display environmental data such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5 value, and also play convenience services and other information to achieve business value and livelihood services. People can pay attention to the changes in the surrounding environment in a timely manner, And make corresponding life and production responses

at present, many representative l screen enterprises in the industry ensure that the power supply voltage conforms to the input voltage value specified by the tension machine. Ed display intelligent lamp pole products have begun to be widely used in the market. With the help of LED display on the intelligent street lamp and through network connection, people can have unique advantages over other information release products in road guidance, road condition broadcast, information release, etc. It is believed that in the future, with the further upgrading of LED display technology, the smart led pole screen will be more perfect and contribute to the construction of a smart city

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