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Smart manufacturing industry reinvigorated the establishment of China intelligent application alliance

intelligent equipment and robot industry is an important symbol to measure the level of a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing industry. In recent years, the Chinese government, associations and enterprises have actively accelerated the pace of action. From the perspective of government departments, we have begun to comprehensively deploy the research and development of technical standards and the planning and cultivation of related industries. In "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing is listed as the main direction of attack; At the same time, the robot industry development plan was also recently issued. From the perspective of the association, a large number of service platforms and alliances related to intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment, intelligent applications and robots have been established, and the role of promotion is increasingly obvious. From the perspective of enterprises, a number of backbone enterprises have actively increased R & D investment and accelerated the pilot. The leading role based on the 8 (1) 0-year replacement cycle of the railway fastener system has been continuously enhanced. On June 28, 2016 China (Guangzhou) intelligent equipment and robot industry conference was held in Guangzhou. Qu Weizhi, former counselor of the State Council and vice minister of the Ministry of electronic industry, and now executive vice president of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, made the above remarks at the meeting

Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the general engineering of the Ministry of industry and information technology, sincerely introduces our laboratory machine knowledge expert Zhang Feng and the vice mayor of Guangzhou Xiexiaodan to attend the meeting and make a speech

At the meeting, Qu Weizhi stressed that although China's intelligent equipment and robot industry has made great progress in recent years, there is still a large gap compared with industrial developed countries. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the key links of the industrial chain are missing, and high-precision and cutting-edge parts rely heavily on imports; Weak core technology innovation ability and low quality reliability of high-end products; The enterprise is small and the agreement is based on the production conditions of the company and the scientific research platform of the general Steel Research Institute. The scattered and weak problems are prominent, and the overall competitiveness is weak; Relevant standards, testing and certification systems need to be improved

Zhang Feng said that the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent application industry is a huge system engineering, in which the information and communication industry plays an important foundation and guarantee role. In the integrated development of the information and communication industry and these related industries, we should focus on the following principles to better promote the integration and multiplication of industrial technology and information technology

first, we should pay full attention to the significance of intelligent equipment and intelligent application, and firmly grasp the good opportunities for industrial development. Made in China 2025 clearly takes intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of attack. Intelligent manufacturing will bring more development opportunities to related equipment manufacturing industry and information and communication industry. We hope that domestic enterprises can follow the trend and grasp the industrial development opportunities

second, we should actively promote the cooperation between all parties in the industrial chain and establish a sustainable business model that can meet the performance requirements of low temperature resistance to about (4) 0 ℃, color difference △ e less than 0.5 C, and high dimensional stability. Information and communication, equipment manufacturing and other related industries must carry out close cooperation and bold innovation in technology and business models

third, we should pay attention to relevant standardization work, especially to strengthen standardization cooperation between industries and at home and abroad

Guangzhou wants to build an intelligent equipment industry cluster

in recent years, Guangzhou has taken the intelligent equipment and robot industry as an important industry leading industrial transformation and upgrading. Since 2015, a total of 3 billion yuan of special funds have been allocated to support the development of key industries such as intelligent equipment and robots for three consecutive years, and the "made in Guangzhou 2025 strategic plan" has also been issued A series of planning policies, such as the three-year action implementation plan for Guangzhou's industrial transformation and upgrading (2015-2017), proposed that by the end of 2017, two domestic leading robot manufacturing industrial bases should be built, and 1950 Industrial Enterprises above designated size should be promoted to carry out the machine replacement plan

Xiexiaodan said that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Guangzhou will continue to vigorously develop the intelligent equipment industry, strive to build the intelligent equipment and robot industry into a 100 billion level industrial cluster by 2020, build it into a key equipment, technology supply, research and development innovation center for robots and intelligent equipment in the Pearl River Delta and even the whole country, and build an important innovation base for high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the country A demonstration and leading area for the close integration of national intelligent manufacturing and intelligent services

during the conference, China Electronic Information Industry Federation issued the proposal of China intelligent application alliance, announced the official establishment of the alliance, and launched the preparatory work of China big data innovation and application industry alliance

China intelligent application alliance is an industry organization jointly established by China Electronic Information Industry Federation and 20 backbone enterprises and institutions in the field of intelligent applications, such as Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd. The mission of the alliance is to assist the government to do a good job in the industry management of intelligent application field, strengthen the construction of industry self-discipline and standard system, promote technological innovation, expand the market, and guide the healthy development of the industry

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