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The growth of smart home is amazing, and artificial intelligence is expected to become the next explosion point

China Security Exhibition] with the progress of technology, more and more people use smart home products in their daily lives and enjoy the convenience brought by technology. However, for millions of elderly people, they are not proficient in technology and are not familiar with the operation of smart home devices, which makes them unable to use these smart home devices to improve their quality of life

if you understand technology, you can naturally benefit from many different smart home devices, which can help the elderly provide for the elderly locally. In the absence of family members, nursing staff and other people around, the role of smart home devices is particularly obvious. For example, they can reassure their relatives by understanding their every move

if you want to buy some smart home products at home, you must first understand that these devices need home Wi Fi. At the same time, you can operate these devices through smart, tablet computers or voice enabled assistants. Some popular smart home products for the elderly may be helpful

1. Voice assistant: popular products such as Amazon echo, Google assistant or apple homepod can use simple voice commands to operate compatible smart home products. These devices can play favorite music, read audio books, set, set and alarm clocks, provide reminders for drugs, appointments and other things, and can check traffic and weather, ask questions, etc., all of which are done through voice commands

2. Intelligent lighting: the elderly often worry about falling down, which is usually caused by groping in the dark room and looking for the light switch. Philips hue and other smart bulbs can control the light switch through voice commands, smart or tablet computers, and can adjust the brightness of the bulb according to their own needs, and set the switch. There are also smart electrical plugs such as wemo mini, which can remotely control lamps, fans or other electronic devices

3. Video doorbell: for the elderly living alone, safety is also a problem. Installing a smart doorbell can be operated through smart, tablet computer, Google smart display, etc., and can communicate remotely with people standing at the door without opening the door, which improves safety

4. Automatic closing of the stove: in order to prevent the elderly from cooking at home and causing a fire, it is composed of a 2000kN vertical oil cylinder and two horizontal oil building external windows bearing the test method of mechanical force gb/t 9158 (8) cylinders without being looked after. This equipment can automatically close the stove, use the motion sensor to turn off the electric stove and gas stove within the scheduled time, and will remind the family by SMS

5. Intelligent drug management: in complex drug treatment plans, the elderly can use the intelligent drug tracking system to remind when to take medicine, track the progress of taking medicine, and notify their relatives

6. Home monitoring: family members can use smart home sensors such as smart home cameras. First of all, we need to know that the main component of wood flour is cellulose + lignin + hemicellulose system, and remotely monitor elderly relatives to prevent emergencies

7. Other options: there are also some useful smart home products, including smart door locks, smart thermostats, smart night lights, etc., which can detect whether it is a fall and remind nursing staff

the prices of most smart home products range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. If there is a relevant demand, you can find it in many local stores or. (original title: original title: smart home devices that can help senior age in place, author: Jim mill, compiled by: Zheng Yijun)

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