The hottest smart home is spreading to middle-clas

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Smart home is spreading to middle-class families in India

smart home is spreading to middle-class families in India

May 25, 2018

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although at present, India's demand for smart home is not comparable with China. But don't ignore the spending power of Indian middle-class families, especially the elite groups, which are adjacent to Minsk International Airport and are the promoters of smart home in India

smart home may have just opened a gap between the middle and upper class in India

in households above the middle class, new electronic products are being found in consumers' rooms - such as smart homes, air purifiers, inverter AC and solar heaters (imported)

this conclusion comes from some Indian home designers. Although there is no official data from India, home designers serving the middle class have seen the needs of these consumers

when consumers ask designers to design decoration schemes for them, they should put these electronic products into them, hoping that these electronic products will be unified with the home decoration style in the essential color, design, material and other aspects that infringe on the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong

Indian middle-class consumers believe that electronic products are not a one-time investment and should choose products with better quality and more brands. Therefore, they need to buy better products

how much influence do designers have on consumers? For example, a home designer said in an interview with bluetech that, for example, according to the different house structure and consumption preferences, they will give consumers suggestions to buy two door refrigerators or four door refrigerators. For example, they will advise them to buy curved TVs, which will help to have better effects after decoration, and most consumers are willing to accept it. But the designer will not give specific brand suggestions

this home furnishing designer has served many middle-class families, but only 1% of consumers ask the designer to help them buy electronic products, and the rest mostly listen to suggestions and then buy them by themselves

for example, they prefer to have a 52 Inch curved TV rather than a 44 inch plasma product. There is no basic TV for the transformation of products, because the curved design is more elegant. Similarly, these interior designers prefer to own exclusive brand of commercial fashion glasses OTG rather than simple things

smart home is still a niche product in India for the time being, but it does not mean that there is no market. The rapidly growing Indian middle class is the potential customer of smart home

these middle classes hope to use more intelligent electronic products to meet their needs and improve their quality of life. Of course, this is a symbol of identity and status

yes, India is developing rapidly, and the demand for electronic products is also in a high growth period. However, a noteworthy phenomenon is that the demand and supply of electronic products in the Indian market do not match, and at least more than 50% need to rely on imports to make up for the market gap

according to the Research Report of assocham and NEC, the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of domestic electronic product demand in India from 2017 to 2020 is as high as 41%, and the market scale will reach 400billion by 2020. No enterprise can survive for a hundred years without change; However, the output is in short supply, and up to 74% of electronic products must be imported

this includes smart home products. At present, there is no official statistics on the trend and demand of smart home, but the information we get from designers and home appliance stores shows that the demand of middle-class families for smart home is gradually increasing

now, the biggest problem is that many middle-class people in India do not have a deep understanding of smart home, and lack the same scene experience as China

if we can better educate the middle class in India and let them have an in-depth understanding of smart home, we believe that more people will be full of expectations for smart home

at least for now, India's demand for smart home is not comparable with China. But don't ignore the spending power of Indian middle-class families, especially the elite groups, who are the promoters of smart home in India

what they will bring is a follow-up effect

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