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How many times are smart locks more expensive than mechanical locks? Are you really right about this account

recently, all major e-commerce platforms, including tmall, and Xiaomi, have successively launched the spring home decoration season promotion activities. The good season for home decoration and renewal has attracted many consumers with new decoration or old house renewal. When buying things, we all say that we get what we pay for. Different prices correspond to different grades and quality. This sentence also applies to smart door locks. In recent years, with the rise of smart home, smart locks that are convenient to use have become the first choice for more and more users when upgrading home products. However, when many people see the price of smart locks, they often feel that it is too expensive to spend such a large amount of money on a lock. So, is smart lock really more expensive than traditional mechanical lock? Let's settle accounts for you today

where is the smart lock

to know why smart door locks are more expensive, we must first understand the difference between smart door locks and ordinary door locks. At present, mechanical locks are still the most used locks in domestic households, and the penetration rate of intelligent locks is still low, which is still a big gap compared with Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. However, with the increasing demand of domestic consumers for living quality in recent years, smart door locks have gradually become the first choice to improve the quality of life. Whether in terms of safety or convenience, the traditional mechanical locks have been unable to meet the needs of the times, and more families have begun to choose or creep to zero smart locks and abandon the original mechanical locks

(comparison between mechanical lock and intelligent lock)

different from the simple design of mechanical lock, intelligent lock is a mechatronic product integrating more than 20 disciplines and fields such as electronics, IOT, biometrics, machinery, etc., and it also involves surface treatment and production processes such as electroplating, painting, polishing, etc. It is really not a simple thing to integrate so many disciplines and parts and ensure their stability. In other words, the scientific and technological content of smart locks is much higher than that of traditional door locks, so the cost is naturally relatively higher

the smart lock should be powered on and operated once a month, which is all expensive

in terms of the most core security issues, the mechanical lock belongs to passive anti-theft; In addition to being basically the same as the traditional door lock in the mechanical part, the intelligent lock can also improve its security by means of remote monitoring, anti technical opening alarm and anti violent opening alarm. It has many more protective means than the mechanical lock and belongs to active anti-theft. When encountering an accident such as a door lock being pried, the smart lock will sound an alarm, giving people a psychological shock. The smart lock can also send alarm information to users so that users can take corresponding measures. Even if it is accidentally opened by violence, the smart lock can also take pictures and videos of thieves in real time and retain evidence by matching surveillance devices such as cameras

at present, most of the smart locks of mainstream manufacturers have reached the standard of super grade B or the highest grade C in the selection of lock cylinder. Therefore, whether from the perspective of active anti-theft or passive anti-theft, intelligent locks are safer than mechanical locks

in addition, smart locks are also much better than ordinary mechanical locks in terms of convenience, interactivity and so on. I believe people who have used smart locks will have a deep understanding. Taking Luke smart lock classic as an example, it not only has multiple security protection such as C-level lock cylinder, intelligent alarm and anti small black box, but also maintains an excellent use experience. Users only need to gently grasp the door handle to unlock the door, and they can also set classic to interact with Micah ceiling lights, air purifiers and other equipment at home. Smart lock seems to only change the trivial matter of unlocking. In fact, it has made a qualitative change in our lives

after understanding the difference between mechanical lock and intelligent lock, let's take a look at the cost performance of the two. After all, it's very important whether it's cost-effective to buy things. For the products of closed main power supply and cold water main valve and door lock, we can't just look at the price at the time of purchase. Maintenance costs will also occur in the process of long-term use. We must consider that the equipment is used to display the pressure of the oil pump

the price of a set of ordinary standard mechanical locks is 280 yuan (not made of stainless steel), which is changed every 5 years, which is 560 yuan. Plus the cost of forgetting/losing keys and changing lock cylinders several times a year, according to the unlocking fee of 100 yuan/time, the cost of replacing lock cylinders of 120 yuan/piece, and the cost of matching keys of 15 yuan/piece, the cost of using in five years is about 1500 yuan

in the smart lock industry, the price of smart locks of large brands is cheap between 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan, and the service life of smart locks of large brands is generally more than 10 years, and there is no need to unlock with keys. The cost of using an entry-level smart lock is about 1500 yuan

see here, do you have some new thoughts on the question of whether smart locks are expensive

with the gradual maturity of the smart door lock industry, the price of smart locks in the market is becoming more and more people-friendly. From the 1000 yuan file that focuses on the ultimate cost performance to the high-end flagship model that creates a perfect use experience, it can meet the different needs of different user groups and can always find the one that suits you best. In my opinion, since the comprehensive cost is almost or even lower, why don't we choose a more secure, better experience and more convenient smart lock

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