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Tens of millions of orders have been settled in the Middle East, and yingxuan heavy industry has once again written a new chapter

tens of millions of orders have been settled in the Middle East, and yingxuan heavy industry has once again written a new chapter

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recently, yingxuan heavy industry international business department sent good news that yingxuan heavy industry has successfully signed a dealer in a country in the Middle East, and the total value of the first batch of orders is nearly 20 million yuan. The loader signed this time covers the main features of yingxuan wire torsion tester and a full range of loader products, thus opening the prelude to the batch export of yingxuan heavy industry loader products to the Middle East market

at the just concluded Shanghai BMW exhibition, the most influential industry event in the global construction machinery industry, yingxuan heavy industry, as a rising star in the construction machinery industry, attracted the attention of users from all over the world. At the exhibition, all loader enterprises produced the best products. In the market competition with many brands and fierce competition, yingxuan heavy works as a new brand. What does it rely on to stand out? Dedicated attitude, self-improvement spirit and innovative consciousness make first-class products. It is the slogan put forward by yingxuan people to synchronize with the world at the beginning. The proposition of this slogan is not only a spirit, but also makes people feel the determination and confidence of an enterprise to enter a new field. It is this determination and confidence that infected every visitor to yingxuan heavy industry booth when shipping activities in Southeast Asia were deserted

in only six days from the contact of BMW exhibition to the successful signing of the contract, customers have a deep understanding of yingxuan heavy industry's scale, corporate culture, product research and development, product manufacturing, and their eyes have slowly changed from nitpicking to praise. From being unfamiliar with yingxuan heavy industry enterprises and products to looking forward to the bright future of yingxuan and the win-win cooperation between the two sides, in the sense of cooperation, customers' choice of yingxuan loader is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of the quality and performance of yingxuan loader

yingxuan heavy industry will rely on strengthening the after-sales service, training, maintenance, spare parts, technical support and other aspects of products to achieve the goal of service driven sales. New materials have a wide range of uses to promote the development of the Middle East market

yingxuan heavy industry takes building the most reliable brand as its vision, seizes market opportunities, studies with great wisdom, makes changes and innovations, and constantly expands markets at home and abroad. With the excellence of production and manufacturing technology and advanced design, it guarantees the efficient performance of each loader product in many ways and feeds back to the majority of users

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