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Temporary rise: from "made in China" to "Chinese brand"

temporary rise: from "made in China" to "Chinese brand"

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Guide: in 2012, China's construction machinery market presented a nervous situation, with sharply declining rigid demand, slowing industry growth, non-performing debt in financial leasing and overcapacity, All construction machinery enterprises have been in a severe test moment. In many enterprises began to reduce

in 2012, China's construction machinery market presented a nervous situation. The sharp decline in rigid demand, the slowdown in industry growth, non-performing debt in financial leasing, overcapacity and other issues have put all construction machinery enterprises in a critical testing moment. When many enterprises began to make the painful choice of reducing staff and production, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Lingong) staged a good show of counter trend growth. Its two major markets at home and abroad have achieved good results, and the sales volume of its main products has quietly ranked first in the industry in just a few years

what is more worth pondering than product sales and market share is that Shandong Lingong has a good reputation among domestic and overseas users, and the brand concept of "reliable bearing and heavy trust" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The development of the enterprise has also got rid of the simple Chinese made water-based fashionable synthetic leather, which has been included in the new material development plan. I am impressed, and began to make efforts to grow into an all-round Chinese brand that can be famous in overseas markets. Behind this rapid growth, Shandong Lingong relies on a visible and clear brand context and multi-dimensional core competitive advantages, which is also a brand creation model worthy of reference by the industry

"low quality, cheap, rough technology, no innovation" is the inherent impression that made in China brought to overseas users in the past. In China's construction machinery industry, there have always been four high and two low disadvantages, namely "high weight per unit load, high noise, high fuel consumption, high power" and "low reliability, low added value", which are common problems in the whole industry. Shandong Lingong is determined to change this inherent model and make "energy saving, high efficiency, reliability and environmental protection" possible

as early as 2007, Zhi Kaiyin, chief engineer of Shandong Lingong, led the R & D team to develop energy-saving wheel loaders, so that energy conservation and consumption reduction can be organically combined with reliability and efficiency, and users can create more value through less cost while reducing pollution. After three years of dedicated research and development, Shandong Lingong's first generation energy-saving wheel loader lg953l was finally officially unveiled in 2010. This energy-saving innovative product achieved production and sales of more than 10000 units that year. Later, the lg953n, a second-generation energy-saving wheel loader with higher energy-saving level and stronger reliability, was grandly launched a year later. Compared with similar products, it can save 20% energy, which once again shocked the industry. Through the innovation of sword walking, Shandong Lingong's loader sales have soared all the way, which has been warmly pursued by users and the market, and finally won the Pearl on the crown, and also achieved its reputation as the first brand of energy-saving construction machinery in China

leveraging Volvo to achieve the temporary way of integration and innovation

as early as 2007, Shandong Lingong has successfully owned a mature channel network and sales force. With the strategic cooperation with Volvo, Shandong Lingong has made great progress in brand construction, lean production management, product research and development, and the brand has been endowed with new connotation and new vitality

different from other modes of Sino foreign cooperation, Shandong Lingong has adopted a path of integration and innovation, which does not completely copy each other's technology and management methods, but selectively absorbs what is needed and integrates it, so that the European and American style operation routines can finally take root and form a Lingong way with its own characteristics. At present, the two sides have achieved full integration in technology research and development. The joint global R & D center can effectively support and meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and continuously apply the turnover of European core technology source companies to the Chinese market, creating a series of flagship products for users. In terms of production mode, Shandong Lingong has formed its own LPS lean production mode, which can complete the intensive and efficient production tasks of different batches and cross models, which further reduces its own costs and improves the competitive advantage of the enterprise. In terms of internal management, Shandong Lingong force has worked on LWS process standards, 5s+1 management mode and SAP information innovation, which has made the enterprise have a multi-core internal driving force for high-speed operation, which has accumulated profound foundation for the rapid rise of Shandong Lingong

global layout to create overseas competitive advantages

internationalization strategy has always been one of the core strategies of Shandong Lingong development. Taking the potential markets such as BRICs countries and Middle East countries as the axis, taking channels as the king, service winning and brand building as the main line, Shandong Lingong has established a global marketing network and created its own overseas competitive advantage with ingenuity

due to the differences of overseas markets in different regions, how to ensure the service quality is a difficult barrier for enterprises to overcome. Even with high-quality products, some enterprises often lose customers because of inadequate overseas services. Shandong Lingong has also made great efforts in this regard. Aiming at the problem of after-sales maintenance service of overseas products, Shandong Lingong has built a strong spare parts warehouse in the main core markets in the world, and implemented a globally unified standard of service training, which can timely and effectively solve the worries of users; In addition, according to the different engineering construction of local users, we specially develop products suitable for the local market to meet their differentiated needs, such as loaders equipped with anti rollover cabs, wheel excavators suitable for complex working conditions, and differentiated road machinery series products, which have effectively strengthened the fit between Shandong Lingong and overseas markets, and also injected a powerful agent for its expansion in the global market. Years of efforts have finally paid off. Shandong Lingong's current products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and have become the preferred Chinese construction machinery brand for overseas users

brand construction and improvement multi-dimensional core competitive advantage puzzle

different from other cases of Sino foreign cooperation, Shandong Lingong and Volvo established such a direction at the beginning of the cooperation, that is, Shandong Lingong's brand will be permanently retained, and both sides implement the "Volvo Lingong" dual brand strategy. Shandong Lingong takes "reliable bearing and heavy trust" as the core concept of the brand. Through a series of effective measures, the growth rate of Lingong brand popularity ranks first in the industry for many years in a row. The resulting brand premium and return of added value also make Shandong Lingong more convinced of the positive energy brought by brand construction

in today's global economic integration, brand marketing is the key for an enterprise to change from weak to strong and quickly enter the world stage, and it is also the positive energy to drive the market. In addition to building energy-saving brands at the product level, Shandong Lingong also made a high-profile landing on CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV and other well-known platforms, launched a special train of Lingong brands across the East and West, running north and south, and joined the World Wide Fund for nature in the "carbon emission reduction pioneer plan" to transmit the voice of Lingong brands to users around the world. At the same time, Shandong Lingong also sponsored the green dragon of the world sailing race and the China Super League, realizing effective interaction with end users of construction machinery. Overseas, from Brazil, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East to Africa, Lingong brand is also active. High quality products and negative attitude have established Shandong Lingong's reliable image in the global market

based on China and planning for the world, Shandong Lingong's innovation and upgrading are still stable, and the development of new materials and new processes has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. It also adds a feasible way for the industry to transform from made in China to a Chinese brand. With the acceleration of globalization, Shandong Lingong will continue to deepen the construction of multi-dimensional core competitive advantages and convey the strength of all Chinese brands on a larger stage

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