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Tenawang high-strength and heavy-duty packaging boxes enter the United States recently, the high-strength and heavy-duty corrugated cardboard packaging boxes produced by tenawang packaging (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. passed the joint acceptance of Changzhou Bureau packaging and testing center and Ford Motor Co., Ltd. of the United States. With the increasingly stringent policies of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, they have obtained a pass to enter the U.S. market. The development of this kind of ring metal air battery industry still faces many technical bottlenecks. The mold protection carton has high strength and light weight. A 2-ton Ford car is pressed on it without any deformation. The president of Ford announced a few days ago that 300 suppliers in China will be designated to use this kind of carton uniformly, and the annual sales of this kind of carton alone will reach 30million US dollars

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