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Goodbye Bauma China 2018, XCMG shovel and transportation machinery wonderful review

the cooperation gap between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large, and the gap overflows too much oil. Goodbye Bauma China 2018, XCMG shovel and transportation machinery wonderful review

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bauma China 2018, four days of perfect ending 96 hours to present cutting-edge engineering technology, pursue the development direction of shovel industry, XCMG shovel and transportation machinery with 11 shovel industry, which is why ima is eager to look forward to Hackett's interim report. Zhizao has accepted the global review, and is the leader of the industry glory

bauma China 2018 ends perfectly

four days 96 hours

present cutting-edge engineering technology

pursue the development direction of the shovel industry

XCMG shovel transport machinery with 11 shovel intelligent manufacturing

accept the global review vision

the opening of the leading industry glory, stimulate the market + high-end competition

XCMG Bauma China 2018 smart leading high-end win future XCMG exhibition area opening

XCMG large tonnage loader Xiake award and the first batch of diamond strategic partners awarding ceremony

The post market + two policies of XCMG loading machinery shake the world

Mount Everest of XCMG meets the global vision

meets the European V emission standard, XCMG xc9 series loaders attract the attention of the global high-end market

vice president of XCMG machinery, general manager of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division After the opening ceremony, Party Secretary Wang Qinghua was interviewed by the media

overseas customers visited and learned about the performance of XCMG xc870hk backhoe loader

XCMG's technical consultant explained in detail the series of products of XCMG skid steer loader to overseas customers

domestic customers had a strong interest in the performance of xc750k skid steer loader in highway maintenance

the reduction of energy consumption and space required by XCMG's new 8-ton large tonnage loader lw800hv attracted customers' attention

tunnel sharp weapon XCMG tz3s three arm rock drilling jumbo, a large number of spectators stopped in front of it

customers came to XCMG's booth for consultation

focus on the leader of large tonnage loaders - XCMG's extraordinary quality of loading machinery

banquet for guests and friends at home and abroad to participate in the value event

2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division's $1.1 billion Strategic Action Conference and global customers Dealers' appreciation meeting

participate in the value event together with climbing the shovel industry Everest 2018 BMW Shanghai Exhibition XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division high-end customer appreciation meeting

signing of the strategic agreement for moving forward 1.1 billion spare parts and signing of orders for bulk XCMG loaders

XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division back market + two major policies

and the development of 1.1 billion strategic action when the experimental machine is loaded to a certain load, it can't rise again

once again highlight XCMG shovel industry Perseverance and determination to climb the top

leading the industry into the high-end competitive development channel

deep practice, leading the technology, using the indestructible gold standard

has seven characteristics

XCMG loading machinery

stick to the industry and live up to the original intention

bauma China 2020

Shanghai, let's meet again

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