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The next decade is the spring of MES development. Introduction: the next decade is no longer the decade of ERP, but the decade of MES. With the gradual strengthening of the informatization awareness of China's petrochemical enterprises, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and other informatization management software are beginning to be widely used in enterprise management. However, the overall effect of ERP and other applications in China is not ideal. Although ERP can tell enterprises what to produce, how much to produce and when to produce, it can't tell enterprises how to produce effectively. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) can just solve this problem. At the 6th China MES annual conference held not long ago, Chu Jian, chairman of MES branch of China instrumentation society and professor of Zhejiang University, pointed out that the next decade will not be the decade of ERP, but the decade of MES

using MES to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

mes is a production management technology and real-time information system for the workshop level, and is the basic technical means to realize the agility of workshop production. It can provide users in different industries with a fast response, flexible and refined manufacturing environment, help enterprises reduce costs, deliver goods on time, improve product quality and service quality, and provide good enterprise information management

the definition of MES by the International Association of manufacturing execution systems (MESA) is that MES can optimize the management of the whole product production process from order release to product completion through the transmission of information, timely respond and report to real-time events in the factory, and use the current accurate data for corresponding guidance and processing. In recent years, MES has been rapidly promoted in foreign enterprises and has brought huge economic benefits. Many domestic petrochemical enterprises have gradually begun to adopt this technology to enhance their core competitiveness

we have deeply felt that MES, whether from the depth of professional applications or the breadth of integrated applications, is no longer a pie in the cake, but actually consumes work to raise the exhaust temperature, which has been applied to enterprises, and has created considerable economic benefits for enterprises. Zhao Lujun, deputy general manager of the MES Business Department of central control, said that so far, central control has more than 500 MES systems running in the enterprise. In the petrochemical industry, there are more than 100 successful cases, and CIC has also established strategic cooperative relations with Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC. It can be said that MES has played an important role in helping chemical and petrochemical enterprises improve and enhance management, and has made remarkable achievements in helping enterprises improve product quality and reduce resource consumption

domestic and foreign technologies have their own advantages

internationally, the competition in the MES market has been in full swing. Powerful automation system suppliers such as Siemens are seizing the MES market by acquiring some MES companies or developing MES software packages. In China, at the end of the service life of various vehicle materials, Zhao Lu said that this year's MES market has the same market heat as last year, but it also shows some new characteristics, such as enterprises' understanding of MES is gradually deepened, spontaneous MES demand is increasing, MES demand in various industries is gradually booming, and MES market segmentation and miniaturization characteristics appear. He believes that with the continuous expansion of the scale of the enterprise, the management of the enterprise is becoming increasingly complex. When the traditional management means can not effectively manage the enterprise, it is a good time to consider the implementation of MES

at present, compared with domestic MES systems, foreign MES systems are relatively advanced in technology. However, due to the different MES application environments of domestic and foreign enterprises, domestic MES companies also have their unique advantages. Using the technical advantages of foreign MES systems for reference, central control has further improved and enhanced the functions of MES in optimization, and has chosen to carry out pilot applications in enterprises with good basic automation conditions and advanced management concepts, so as to provide users with more effective solutions. Of course, the most fundamental way to break the technological monopoly of foreign countries in the field of MES is to seek breakthroughs in technology

it is reported that as the pioneer and leader of domestic MES product technology research, 30% of the annual operating revenue of central control is used for research and development, and its comprehensive platform, modeling tools, optimization algorithms, etc. are at the domestic and international advanced level. Central control is also a member of the international MES Standardization Committee. It is the only representative of China to participate in the drafting and formulation of international MES standards, and is responsible for drafting and formulating domestic MES standards for process industry

mes application is getting better

it is understood that through the implementation of MES strategy, central control has built a good enterprise production management platform for CNOOC, so as to achieve timely and accurate production process data storage/monitoring, comprehensive real hardness representation, logistics/energy flow tracking when it is generally divided into absolute hardness and relative hardness, deep-seated data analysis of production operation/operation, and standardization/standardization of daily production management behavior, It has formed an effective support for the enterprise's business decision-making behavior and realized refined quantitative management. In Liuzhou Chemical MES project, according to the requirements of the enterprise, central control established an integrated safety production management platform, realized multi-level management and vertical and horizontal communication between business departments, met the needs of safety standardization management, and realized closed-loop management of production and safety. These are all successful cases in the domestic MES field

mes helps enterprises realize complete closed-loop production by emphasizing the overall optimization in the production process, makes up for the gap between the enterprise planning level and the process control system of the production workshop, and becomes a bridge for the information communication between enterprise production activities and management activities. For petrochemical enterprises, the lack of this link will easily lead to inaccurate production performance measurement. For example, the statistical error of the monthly inventory check of a million ton oil refining enterprise is up to 10000 tons, which seriously restricts the space for optimal operation; Secondly, in the process of collaborative production management, it is also easy to have problems such as delayed information exchange, inconsistent pace and difficult department cooperation. Therefore, without MES, the integration of management and control is impossible. As professor Ronggang, director of the Department of control of Zhejiang University, pointed out, now we emphasize the integration of the two modernizations, and MES is the combination point of the integration of the two modernizations. It is believed that in the near future, with the development and expansion of the industry and economic scale, MES will usher in a spring of development, and MES manufacturers may spring up like mushrooms

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