The hottest ten-year love long-distance race has a

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After ten years of love, Weichai and Mazi got married

after ten years of love and long-distance running, Weichai and Ma are once again the components that drive the motion of the sensor, the ball screw, and they are married

China Construction Machinery Information

on September 11-13 local time, Tan Xuguang led a team to visit Belarus, starting Weichai's "strategic journey". In the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe, Tan Xuguang's "big chess game" fell another child

new power Weichai Mazz joint venture laid the foundation

on September 13 local time, Weichai Mazz joint venture held a foundation laying ceremony in the Sino white "Jushi" industrial park

At the ceremony, Tan Xuguang announced humorously, "we have been in love for ten years, and we are going to get married today!"

Tan Xuguang's speech

Tan Xuguang said that the foundation laying of Weichai Mazz joint venture is not only a major event in the development history of Shandong heavy industry Weichai group and Mazz group, but also a happy event in the friendly cooperation between China and Belarus. With the sincere cooperation of both teams, we will be able to successfully achieve the predetermined goals

Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and governor of Shandong Province, said that the Weichai Mazz joint venture has achieved a strong partnership between the two sides and explored a new path for Shandong to integrate major projects of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy into the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road"

foundation laying of the project

chairman Tan Xuguang laid the foundation for the project together with Deputy Prime Minister Kalinin of Belarus, deputy secretary and governor Gong Zheng of Shandong Province, Luo Zhanhui, acting office of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus, Wang Hua, Secretary General of Shandong provincial government, and Liu Shuguang, Secretary of Weifang municipal Party committee. Full computer data collection and motion control

China Belarus Industrial Park is the most important economic and trade cooperation project between China and Belarus, and it is a landmark project on the "Silk Road Economic Belt". The formal entry of the joint venture into the China Belarus Industrial Park is of great significance to the cooperation and friendship between China and Belarus

signing cooperation agreement

before the foundation laying ceremony, in the presence of Belarusian Prime Minister Kobe Yakov and Shandong provincial Party committee deputy secretary and governor Gong Zheng, chairman Tan Xuguang and general manager katrinich of maz Group signed a cooperation agreement at the prime minister's office

promote Weichai and Mazz to deepen cooperation

on the morning of the 11th local time, Tan Xuguang and his delegation arrived at Mazz group. Mazi group, in cooperation with the comprehensive steel plant, presented bread and salt to tan Xuguang according to the most noble local welcome etiquette

taste local cuisine

Mazz holding group is the largest state-owned enterprise in Belarus and one of the largest automobile factories in CIS countries. Katrinich, general manager of Mazi group, said that the vehicle market of Mazi equipped with Weichai engine was extremely well received, and the next step would be to equip Weichai products on all models

Tan Xuguang said that since 2014, Weichai and Mazi have embarked on a happy journey of cooperation, and he hopes to promote it in more business areas in the future

Tan Xuguang wrote a message "I wish the cooperation a success"

katrinich warmly invited Tan Xuguang to sign on the VIP signature book of maz group as a souvenir. Tan Xuguang wrote a message of "I wish the cooperation a success"

On the afternoon of September 11, local time, Tan Xuguang held a meeting with svetsky, the first deputy minister of industry of Belarus, to continuously improve the effectiveness of the tension machine

Svetsky said that the Belarusian government attaches great importance to the cooperation project between Weichai and Mazz and will fully support the project construction

Tan Xuguang said, "we should build the cooperation project into a benchmark for the cooperation between Chinese and Belarusian enterprises."

on site scheduling

then, Tan Xuguang and his party came to the sand table of China Belarus Industrial Park to conduct on-site scheduling on the cooperation project

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