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Tens of millions of orders are large tonnage! XCMG loaders fight again in Central Asia

tens of millions of orders are large tonnage! XCMG loaders fight again in Central Asia

China Construction Machinery Information

recently, XCMG loaders received another ten million orders, and more than 10 lw800kn large tonnage loaders were covered with red flowers. They were sent from XCMG large tonnage loader intelligent manufacturing base to a country in Central Asia

"three high and one large" smart leading high-end

in the month, more than 20 XCMG large tonnage loaders have been exported to the country. XCMG loaders firmly occupy the first position in the export volume of the same industry with impressive results, and are full of gold. Over the years, XCMG loaders have practiced the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", made continuous breakthroughs in "three high and one large" products, focused on large tonnage loaders, competed with European and American brands in the field of international high-end loader market, repeatedly made medium and large batches of large orders, and promoted the process of XCMG's world-class brand

communication meeting with customers

each achievement of XCMG loader in the international market cannot be separated from the trust and support of customers. XCMG will also live up to expectations, study deeply in manufacturing level, product quality, service quality and other aspects, create greater value for customers, and is willing to work with customers to contribute to the infrastructure construction and economic take-off of the country

the customer and his party visited XCMG large tonnage intelligent manufacturing base

Wang Qingli, deputy general manager of XCMG group, general manager of shovel and transportation machinery division and Secretary of the Party committee, welcomed the customers of the country who came to XCMG large tonnage loading intelligent manufacturing base to attend the delivery ceremony

after visiting XCMG's large tonnage intelligent manufacturing base, the customer and his party spoke highly of XCMG's loaders. They believed that the wide area of the base and the high degree of intelligence were completely beyond their imagination, which made him look at the whole Chinese construction machinery manufacturing with new eyes and strengthened his confidence in cooperating with XCMG

customer statement

the customer said: "In their country, XCMG is active in the construction site of every key project. In particular, XCMG's large tonnage loaders, which have strong heavy load and full power, can be located in the high-end market; and our fixture surface can meet different construction needs. Not only that, considerate and considerate full life-cycle services and a full range of spare parts reserves have eliminated worries for construction. The cooperation with XCMG originates from XCMG The excellence of the product comes from the trust of its brand! "

group photo

high end quality contributes to success

lw800kn has always been a star model in XCMG's large tonnage loader family. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, the export volume accounted for nearly 30% of the total export volume of XCMG's large tonnage loaders. What are the advantages of such a strong momentum

XCMG large tonnage loader lw800kn

low fuel consumption

Cummins engine with low emission and low fuel consumption is adopted. The whole machine has KD gear function, coupled with efficient hydraulic system and customized super large bucket, this product can effectively reduce fuel consumption while improving production efficiency

customers carefully observe the loader and constantly ask the staff about its performance parameters

high reliability

ZF drive axle, Rexroth hydraulic valve mico brake components, wet multi disc brake and full hydraulic brake system and other high-performance designs together provide a strong support for lw800kn with high reliability

XCMG products are not afraid of customer inspection, and continue to absorb valuable opinions and suggestions from customers, so as to improve and enhance the quality of XCMG products.

comfortable operation

the automatic transmission with electro-hydraulic shift, the adjustable clutch system, the steering column and the new XCMG stamping cab together provide a superior operating environment for the manipulator, and the whole machine operation has the KD gear function, making the operation more convenient and labor-saving

customers get on the car for test drive in person and feel the powerful power of XCMG large tonnage loaders


XCMG Loaders' "customized" services for different countries, and also help to improve the value of customers. The lw800kn loaders exported this time are equipped with desert air filter, automatic weighing system and other configurations, which fully meet the operating requirements of exporting countries

customers visited XCMG's large tonnage loader manufacturing base and felt that XCMG's loaders "unswervingly adhere to the road of internationalization" in 2018. In the journey of opening up the international market, XCMG's large tonnage loader probability was the first to light the sword, and continued to work, highlighting the new installation of this kind of 3D printing catheter, which made use of PolyOne's thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material style with soft touch, Join forces with XCMG's full range of products to build a world-class XCMG

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