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Tencent cloud and Changyou reached a strategic cooperation to promote the landing of the hybrid cloud industry

on August 15, Tencent cloud announced that it had officially reached a strategic cooperation with Changyou and held a signing ceremony in Beijing. Li Ye, senior vice president of Changyou, and Huang Haiqing, vice president of Tencent cloud, attended the meeting with the project team. Taking this opportunity, the two sides will promote the in-depth application and full implementation of hybrid Cloud Architecture in the game industry. In addition to basic cloud computing services, Tencent cloud will open its advantageous ecological capabilities accumulated over the years, provide Changyou with a package of cloud services covering the world, including game voice, image recognition, professional mobile game testing, and accelerate Changyou's full cloud launch

Li Ye, senior vice president of Changyou, and Huang Haiqing, vice president of Tencent cloud

the implementation of hybrid Cloud Architecture has contributed to business development

as a long-term partner of Tencent cloud, it has a number of self-developed R1 models such as Tianlong Babu and LuDingJi - the outer paper ring pressure (n/0.152m); Changyou is a firm industry promoter of game cloud, and has in-depth practice in public cloud and hybrid cloud. The two sides of this strategic cooperation will continue to deepen the exploration of hybrid Cloud Architecture and further help Changyou speed up the pace of going to the cloud

it is understood that Tencent cloud will realize the interconnection between Changyou's own IDC data center and Tencent cloud through two physical dedicated lines, and at the same time, they are redundant for each other's backup. Changyou can realize the customized hybrid cloud deployment scheme according to the characteristics and requirements of its own business, so as to meet the needs of customers for data security and reliability. For the game business with high delivery efficiency and flexibility, it can save costs to the greatest extent and realize flexible deployment by using the public cloud

in addition, the demand for Chinese games to go to sea is increasingly strong, and the ability of cross regional interconnection and global service sharing has posed new it challenges for game players. With the opening of the Frankfurt data center, Tencent cloud has 34 availability areas worldwide. According to the 2017 mobile game market going to sea report released by app Annie, a third-party data insight company, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe are important places for Chinese games to go to sea, and Tencent cloud has gradually completed the full coverage of infrastructure layout and services in these areas. Changyou will make use of its strong network connectivity. Product quotation: seamlessly connect the global public cloud nodes and realize the interoperability with local IDC through pop points in major cities around the world. At present, Tencent cloud has helped a number of global games, including "Tianlong Babu" mobile games, Fast impact testing machine (recommended: impact testing machine) we have developed and expanded this kind of special broaching machine according to the experience of various advanced predecessors in this field at home and abroad, so as to reduce access delay and create a perfect user experience

enjoy the cloud and create a win-win game cloud ecosystem

with the rapid development of big data and cloud computing in recent years, the game cloud is in the process of moving from foundation to maturity, from the use of basic products such as computing, storage and networking to PAAS layer services such as voice, testing and image recognition. As the earliest cloud service provider in the field of game cloud in China, Tencent cloud has served tens of thousands of games so far. In the top 20 of the best-selling list of Nie games with the same load, APP an announced at the end of July 2017, 12 of which are Tencent cloud partners. In the future, more self-developed capabilities and cutting-edge technologies that have been tested by Tencent's massive games will be opened to the outside world through the cloud as an export

Huang Haiqing, vice president of Tencent cloud at the cooperation signing ceremony, Huang Haiqing, vice president of Tencent cloud, said: Tencent cloud and Changyou will change from a traditional business partnership to a strategic partnership; In addition to providing customized bottom services, we also provide Changyou with Tencent game's all-round ecological capabilities and black technology in research and development, testing, operation and maintenance, security, etc., to help Changyou focus on creating a high-quality game experience

Li Zhigang, Changyou operation and Maintenance Director, also said that the long-term cooperation with Tencent cloud in the past has injected strong technical impetus into the development of Changyou in the industry. This time, we have reached strategic cooperation, hoping to jointly explore and deepen the practice of hybrid cloud, establish excellent industry bidding cases, and achieve win-win business

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