The 12th China International Rubber Technology Exh

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The 12th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition will be held in Shanghai in November.

since 1998, rubber Tech China, which is held every two years, has achieved good results and broad influence, attracting nearly 1000 enterprises from more than 50 countries and regions. In order to meet the strong requirements of exhibitors and industry visitors at home and abroad, China International Tire and rubber technology exhibition has been held once a year since 2004. On the basis of the success of previous sessions, the exhibition area is expected to reach 23000 square meters

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exhibition scope:

rubber machinery and equipment special area

complete sets of equipment, single machines, molds and technologies for rubber product manufacturing and testing

rubber chemicals zone

various rubber additives, fillers, etc

rubber raw material zone

natural rubber, synthetic rubber, framework material, thermoplastic elastomer, reclaimed rubber and rubber powder, mixer

special area for non tire rubber products

rubber hoses, tapes, automotive rubber products, engineering machinery rubber 1. For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture directly contacts the rubber products with the samples, etc

other zones

social organizations, associations, various media, application software, complete sets of technology, technical services, etc

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