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The 12th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo), which was held in Tianjin a few days ago, once again played a role as a weathervane for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

robots swarmed unstoppable

FANUC, KUKA, Yaskawa, radium intelligence, OTC, Guangzhou 3.2.2 brick nominal size CNC, Kawasaki, electrical equipment, stobil, youao and many other internationally renowned enterprises, brought robots, handling robots, visual robots, programming robots, educational robots, underwater robots, all showed symptoms in this exhibition: body conductive magic. In particular, service robots are showing a trend of stepping into all aspects

a variety of robots independently developed by Guangzhou CNC can be widely used in the fields of handling, arc welding, gluing, cutting, painting, scientific research and teaching, machine tool processing and so on. They are the best choice for automotive, motorcycle, household appliances, tobacco, engineering machinery, logistics and other industries. The sword dance robot brought by Kawasaki in Japan and the welcome robot brought by Hangzhou happy flying technology have brought a sensory experience of "quality life, intelligent manufacturing" to nearly 100000 audiences. With a variety of intelligent entertainment robots such as humanoid and gait, Shenzhen youbixuan technology reproduced the wonderful robot performance at the 2016 Spring Festival gala for the audience. The "radium intelligent new product launch" will show the huge demand space of service robots in the Chinese market incisively and vividly

machine tool + interconnection promotes new industry formats

the machine tool enterprises at home and abroad, such as Hass, hating, Doosan, Hyundai Weiya, Samsung, Youjia, Tiantian, Han Zu, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Hanchuan machine tool, etc., participating in the conference, not only show their latest masterpieces, but also with the successful practice of + interconnection, are promoting new industry formats for industrial development

Shenyang Machine Tool became the first show of this exhibition by introducing the concept of "interconnection +" in product design. The fully intelligent i5 numerical control system independently developed by them and pioneered in the world makes the i5 series of intelligent machine tools more convenient to operate, easier to program, easier to maintain and simpler to manage. The operator can complete the processing of complex parts with a fingertip tap like playing with intelligence. Moreover, through + interconnection, Shenyang machine tool has also built an information integration platform integrating the concepts of "cloud manufacturing" and "intelligent manufacturing", realizing the two application functions of "factory" and "machine tool archives". Orders and production can be completed through computers, and the production process, fault prediction and removal and other information can be sent to customers in real time

the sheet metal and laser cutting industry has sprung up.

more than 100 well-known enterprises in the laser field, such as Tiantian, Han's laser, Han's super energy, Han's Yueming, Dineng, Shanda, Hongshan, Huagong, LVD, have built an international high-end sheet metal cutting zone for this exhibition with their many disruptive technologies, which has an obvious effect on reducing automotive carbon emissions

as a leader in the field of sheet metal cutting, Tiantian applied the latest design system and imaging equipment, 3D CAD LED module design, it production management system, web camera monitoring, etc. to sheet metal and laser cutting equipment, and developed a world-class high-end laser cutting equipment, Solution for China: press the arrow direction marked on the emergency stop button to rotate it out, which will bring a new experience of upgrading laser cutting technology to the equipment manufacturing industry

the special area for high-end sheet metal and laser cutting can be unique in the China Manufacturing Expo, or it has explained the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, freeing up huge demand space for it. As a national advanced manufacturing and R & D base, Tianjin is bound to become an experimental and competitive place for high-end sheet metal and laser cutting equipment

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